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For stealing Mitsubishi Outlander enough connection through Wi-Fi

Для угона Mitsubishi Outlander достаточно соединения через Wi-FiCriminals could disable the alarm using Wi-Fi.

Using a wireless connection, you can disable the alarm system of the hybrid crossover Mitsubishi Outlander.

To such conclusion came from Ken Munro, an expert on computer security at Birmingham one of the specialized firms.

He found in the list of available Wi-Fi hotspots the distribution of the Internet on your smartphone from crossover standing next to his friend. Later, the owner of the car showed Munro a special mobile app for the Outlander PHEV, which allows you to change various settings of the car.

As it turned out, using this app you can disable a burglar alarm and quietly steal a car. You can also drain the battery of the machine and at a distance to control lights and other functions.

It should be noted, for a thorough examination of the problem, the company Pen Test Partners bought the Outlander PHEV. In turn, representatives of Mitsubishi said that previously they were faced with a similar problem. By the way, it will be carried out the study, the automaker advised owners of the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander to disable in-car Wi-Fi.

It remains to add that the problem relating to unauthorized access to the vehicle systems via the mobile app, has arisen before. Because of this replacement software worldwide has recalled 1.4 million cars from different manufacturers.

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