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For Hague trial of Radovan Karadzic

Гаагское судилище для Радована Караджича

The international criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Hague issued a verdict to the former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, sentenced him to 40 years imprisonment on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, particularly genocide in Srebrenica.

Radovan Karadzic himself not guilty and am sure served his people. “I need not to judge but to encourage: I did my best, that’s all you can do to try to avoid war, a large number of victims,” he declared to the Tribunal.

Leonid Ivashov:

In the West the concept of justice is not very common. Justice they associate with the benefits. It is true that beneficial to a particular person, society, state. And though the West says democratic language, but other peoples still looks on as inferior, barbaric. And Serbs, like all Slavs, through the whole history pass as second-class citizens, as something unruly, disturbing. And the fact that the Hague Tribunal from its inception was unfair, formed primarily for the suppression of the Serbian people – obviously.

I had the opportunity to participate in the defense of Slobodan Milosevic. When the representatives of NATO, General Clark is clearly perceived as the ultimate truth, not even attempt to recheck. And when you testified Nikolay Ivanovich Ryzhkov, Yevgeny Maximovich Primakov and I, our words are not taken into account. And if cited, for example, a fact record the conversation, Albright Hashim Thaci, then after the break, the Englishman-the Prosecutor Mr. knight says, it is impossible to accept the testimony of General Ivashov until you give the cipher, which was listened to Mrs. Albright and Hashim Thaci.

Those who defended their people, their land has clearly been enlisted in the category of criminals. And the fate of Radovan Karadzic is no exception. Judge the Serbian people, because he is not amenable to modern Western ideology, opposes gay marriage and other “values”. And Radovan is one of the Serbian leaders in the struggle for national liberation. So he was given 40 years. People in age, had injuries – in fact, Karadzic was sentenced to death.

Regarding Srebrenica. Objective international investigation of this tragedy was not. It was a one-sided investigation where the witnesses were Bosnian Muslims, sometimes Croats. Have not been explored very beginning of the conflict. It hurt Serbian civilians. And wasn’t the war of the classical type when fighting the army with the army, was a civil war on national and religious basis, which is very difficult to control. And, of course, so many in Srebrenica, by definition, to die could not. Moreover, nowhere is there information that Radovan Karadzic gave the order. But since this is a political process, no such things as evidence base is not paying attention. And what is now the Republika Srpska government acknowledged – clearly, a small Republic under strong pressure from the West, and the U.S. military, and the European politicians, and so on. Actually took by the throat, forced to lie under oath.

When I met with Radovan, frankly, in some ways envied him. I wanted to be like him. Powerful, Slavic figure, beautiful physique; wisdom aging; furious energy. I called it Slavic leader.

Radovan don’t want to give up, even almost dying can’t those bastards give a sense of joy. Europe not long to live, and the Hague court. I hope that Karadzic will be released. When in the Hague has sentenced General Dragoljub Ojdanic, chief of the General staff of the Serbian army, then defense Minister, I was hoping to see him. And suddenly met him in Belgrade. I think with Radovan Karadzic will happen the same. He should see the freedom.

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