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Fully justified: Serbian politician Vojislav šešelj are released

Полностью оправдан: сербский политик Воислав Шешель выходит на свободу

Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which a week ago was sentenced to 40 years in prison of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, today met one of his closest associates, Vojislav Seselj. The court considered the evidence gathered against the leader of the Radical party of Serbia, insufficient and contradictory.

The decision, which was not expected. Apparently, including, and Vojislav šešelj. Anyway, half an hour after the announcement of the Hague Tribunal sentence, he looked though confident, but still seemed slightly wary. What, in General, is understandable, given that in the prison in the Hague he had to spend 12 years. And understandable considering what sentences the Tribunal before taking out the Serbian politicians and military men. He himself does not consider guilty. “I wasn’t sure what the verdict would be, but I was completely sure that I cannot be accused of any war crimes, in which I am accused,” said šešelj.

There were two honest people who showed honor above politics. It šešelj said about the judges who passed sentence. However, immediately, at the press conference, he adds that the decision on its attitude to the Tribunal, the EU and the US, such that global West does not affect. “Those who bombed us in’ 99, can not be our allies, can never become our friends,” he said.

As if to prove that, for clarity, it is immediately after the verdict was burned in the street outside his office, the flag of the European Union. And the Tribunal, powers which actually has been several years that expired, he again called an instrument of American policy. “It was created as anti-Serb court. And it is dominated by the Americans and the British. And they conduct anti-Serbian policy by supporting all the enemies of Serbia who fought against us, and the Serbs humiliated at every step. Serbs ascribe the guilt that generally it came to war. Serbs ascribe the blame for all crimes, and would like to attribute the genocide, although in this war,” said Seselj, Vice-President Serbia 1998-2000.

Journalists began to gather around the headquarters of the Serbian radical party in the Belgrade district of Zemun from nine in the morning. Everyone understood that, in any case, whatever the verdict, Vojislav šešelj will give a press conference. The politician himself this time in the office watched the live broadcast from the Hague with his companions.

One can hardly find in Serbia, another, equally controversial, ambiguous, and consistent politician, as šešelj. He openly calls himself a Serb nationalist, speaks about inevitability of occurrence in the future of Serbia, and therefore the Croats calling Serbs-Catholics and Bosnian — Serb Muslims. Back in the 80s he did two years just for their political beliefs. And in 91-m have created the Radical party. The Hague Tribunal charged him with crimes against humanity, in the financing of armed groups, participation in hostilities.

In 2003, šešelj went to the Hague, gave in and said he intends to prove his innocence. However, evidence from the outset it was not enough. And the testimony of witnesses, and even just photos or videos, where šešelj, for example, someone would be shot. Although he never denied — was in Bosnia, and in Croatia, and Yes, funded by volunteers. “Yes, I am a patriot. Yes, I am a Russophile” — is not tired to repeat Serbian politician.

“The maximum support of President Putin, he says. — Support the return of Crimea and Sevastopol. Support our brothers in Lugansk and Donetsk in the fight against the Nazis from the Western Ukraine, which brought to power by the Americans. Russian support and invaluable help Syria, the Syrian people and President Assad in the fight against ISIL, which has been created by Western countries”.

Health Seselj was released a few years ago, home to wait for the verdict. Serbian policy with him trying to avoid contact. Suddenly have to extradite him to the Tribunal, as it gave Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. He became for a time a sort of political outcast.

Now he goes to the parliamentary elections, and they just a month later, as the leader of the party, which was never retracted his words and beliefs. So the decision of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia can greatly change the internal political life in Serbia. Šešelj sure to get at least a quarter of seats, and says he knows what is expected of him. “They’re waiting for what we can get Serbia out of the economic crisis, he says. — That we will raise the country, will save her from social problems, come from integration with the EU and begin the movement towards Russia. This is our main program”.

Even Vojislav šešelj intends to seek compensation for years spent in custody. Want to receive a million euros for each year in prison, and two more on top. A total of 14 million euros. He told reporters that he would spend it on party needs and to help the Serbian families affected by wars in the Balkans.

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