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For advertising of financial pyramids will be fined

За рекламу финансовых пирамид будут штрафовать

The Federation Council approved fines for individuals, officials and legal entities for the campaign and advertising of financial pyramids. The offender faces from 5 to 50 thousand rubles. In that case, if they are official, that he will have to pay from 20 up to 100 thousand. Legal same individuals could face up to one million rubles fine. Let’s add that the responsibility will affect citizens, disseminating information about the attractiveness of participation in the pyramid, IA “SeverInform” with reference to “RIA Novosti”. No exception and advertising in social networks.

According to representatives of the Federation Council, the activities of financial pyramids leads to not only loss of funds significant part of the population, but also has a negative impact on the Russian financial market. Thus, the action of the pyramids may undermine public confidence in the financial arrangements.

We will remind, earlier the Government submitted to Parliament amendments for the organization, promotion and advertising of financial pyramids was proposed to establish not only administrative but also criminal liability. Currently the document is on consideration in the State Duma.

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