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Five reasons to drink Apple juice

Пять причин пить яблочный сокDoctors told about the benefits of Apple juice.

Experts from the Ministry of agriculture of the USA of 175 examined samples of Apple juice from fruits growing in the twelve regions of the Earth, and came to the conclusion that moderate regular consumption is helpful in several factors. The most valuable compounds that are part of Apple juice, the researchers called polyphenols.

According to experts, Apple juice contains organic acids that effectively help to strengthen the immune system and to resist the virus, and minerals potassium and magnesium, which are participating in the cardiovascular system, as well as important for exchange of fluids in the body and brain. But the special benefits contained in Apple juice polyphenols.

“Polyphenols “pass” from the fruit juice in an amount of not less than 80%. A substance that normalize the functioning of practically all organs and systems of the person: they protect against external harmful influences, confronting aging, help fight allergies, lower blood pressure, appetite and normalize digestion,” – said the doctors.

Experts have made a rating of the most useful properties of Apple juice for the human body. This list includes the following qualities of the beverage:

– prevents diseases of the colon, provided that it is used a juice with pulp,
– enhances the prevention of cancer of the lung, colon, oral cavity, larynx, breast, ovaries and kidneys,
– protects from diseases of cardiovascular system,
– displays the body of heavy metals,
– helps to prevent brain diseases.

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