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Final Fantasy IX will be a mobile game

Final Fantasy IX станет мобильной игрой

Well-known computer game, developed by one of the most progressive Nations in the world – the Japanese will soon find yourself a new home, and it will be a mobile platform on iOS and Android.

As a reminder, previously, back in 2000-m to year, the 9th part of the acclaimed, series, role playing, adventure games titled Final Fantasy IX supported exclusively software the Sony Playstation and was an undoubted hit at the time. And now, 15 years later, Japanese developers from the Studio Square decided that this hit deserves a second try, so as again to tell fans of the Final Fantasy universe, and c nostalgia are back in an exciting, fantastic world inhabited by all the same familiar characters, fun, appearance.

Strange only one thing – will the game be same attractive, it remember console gamers a decade ago, or the upcoming release will be marked by a loud failure? Will learn this very soon, as the game should appear in smartphones in early 2016. The mobile version compared to the console will differ redesigned gameplay, but retained the classics of the genre.

The plot complication has not been changed – the game is set in the world of Gaia, ruled by selfish, narcissistic and heartless Queen named bran, who turned the earth into a solid field for fighting. To topple her from the throne and restore peace and order in his native land he volunteered desperate daredevil and professional thief, specialty Zidane, who joined the efforts of their best friends will challenge the evil Queen.

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