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Fashion and life. The most extravagant model of the world diet

Every girl sooner or later wondered how models keep their figure? The answer is only one right diet. Doors in the modeling business are open for girls with good figure. Today I will talk about the most popular diets and extravagant fashion business

Diet first

On this diet sits each model, especially before important shootings, fashion shows and fashion Weeks. It is called Hard quick diet. The difficulty lies in the strict schedule of meals, as well as a small list of products. But rest assured, after you can lose 5-7 pounds in a week. Breakfast is best to eat one boiled egg and green tea. For lunch suitable portion of fat-free yogurt. For dinner you can also eat some cottage cheese and green tea again. If there is a feeling of hunger or you understand that they cannot cope, then you need to drink a glass of mineral water or green tea. Remember, tea must be a leaf and not from a bag.

Diet second

Long-term lovers diet fit the so-called diet Bread. It proceeds in two stages. First a week. In day you should eat about half a loaf of bread, or grain diet. It is about 12-14 slices, which should be divided by a whole day. And 2-2.5 litres of plain water. In your diet you can include vegetables that have no starch: tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and a jar of diet yoghurt every day, as well as two to three times a week fish or meat. The duration of the second stage. Also leave half a loaf of bread, but you can add some beans, rice, buckwheat, millet. For Breakfast eat either cereal or fruit salad. Add some vegetables and fruits for the whole day. Be sure to drink a Cup of yogurt once a day and eat every 3-4 hours.

Diet third

Smoothie diet – another method to lose weight. I have used this diet before important events and receptions. The application is quite simple, but has a few conditions before you start. Two days diet to reduce calorie intake. Especially should exclude all salty, fried, spicy and sugary foods. After training you can proceed to the diet. Every two hours try to eat a smoothie from fruit and vegetables. Avoid taking solid food. Weight decreases due to the constant intake of liquid food, where there is a nutritious puree. The body feels satiety, hunger disappears, and therefore, the body nothing more is required. The diet is popular worldwide due to its ease, complexity and efficiency.

Diet fourth

Those who it is difficult to tolerate the diet, I can suggest one simple way, which will definitely help get rid of excess weight. Conditions are quite simple. Twenty minutes before eating should drink exactly 2 cups of regular non-carbonated water. Water can reduce hunger and give a feeling of fullness. In addition, it will improve most of the metabolic processes that accelerate the digestion of food. After eating you must give up all food and even water for 2 hours. During this time the body receives all the essential nutrients. The diet is simple and efficient because it does not require big time and money. The main thing is to remember two rules and to follow them during the selected period.

Diet fifth

My favorite way to bring the weight and tighten the body is colored diet. It has great success all over the world. Easy to use and effective. The main thing to remember a few rules. On the first day, you should use the products only in white color. The diet can include cheese, milk, rice, egg whites, pasta, potatoes, cabbage and more. On the second day, give preference to red: fruits, berries, red wine, fish, pepper. On the third day color diet is to eat green: greens, cucumbers, green tea. Just make it low calorie. On the fourth day, their menu of products make up only orange: apricots, cantaloupe, carrots, oranges. Next is the color purple, especially plum, currants, grapes, and eggplant. The menu of the sixth day consists exclusively of yellow products. Egg yolk, honey, corn, pepper, banana, zucchini and more. The seventh day is to do the unloading. That is, drink only water and refuse any food. The only disadvantage of this diet is long-term. In any case, the pros easily cover this drawback.

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