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Fashion and life. As always good to get on the photo

Often from my friends I hear the same question: “How do you manage to pose perfectly and go in the frame?” At first I didn’t pay attention to it and just replied that don’t know, but eventually was able to find the cause of a good photo. I’ll try to share a few tips for successful picture.

More practice

You can rehearse your poses, to listen to the advice of friends, but not too zealous, because the narcissism and constant thoughts in the future at a photo shoot about “how I look now” to anything good will not. I don’t have to order a shooting. You can ask friends to take a picture of you, you will experience beautiful poses, favourite will analyze the shooting and in the end will make the right conclusions. Photographers also need models for their portfolio (especially for beginners), you can negotiate with them and you will be able to help each other on a free basis.

About POS — an example of my Board can be found even in the behavior of stars on the red carpet. They always have 3-4 poses with which they are best obtained in the picture. Try to go the same way.

Drop the voltage

Before shooting, be sure to remove the tension. Not control his body, trying to make the eyes more expressive or to apply new learned position. Do not think about how you get in the photo. Relax, you should get pleasure from what you are shooting. Your body knows how best to stand, or, conversely, to sit down. Smile not on camera, and people who try to make a good picture. Think of something good. There is also an interesting method used by some models (although I never tried): turn, create the right mood and sharply turn back to the photographer.

The effect of big eyes

Don’t look into the camera lens and the flash. It is possible to narrow the eyes, to remove the effect of “red eye” and will help wide open eyes. So you’ll be able to look in the picture.

Throw away all out of my head

Headache, problems in personal life or at work — every emotion will manifest itself in the photo. You will not be able to hide them if you don’t learn to get those thoughts out of my head. Try to prepare for the shoot in advance, but if the photo is spontaneous, try to forget all your problems.

Learn to work the eyes

Closed or half-closed eyes are not a rare phenomenon in the photos. To avoid this problem, try to flash just before the shutter clicks, and can you believe, your eyes will Shine in all its glory.

Light — the key to success

Another key to successful photography is the light. First of all, advice for beginners models, which do not know how to stand and what to do with the light. Because it plays an important role in the photo, then try to keep your face constantly in the light. Turning sideways, again leave the profile in a lighted area.

Pick the right makeup

Often when shooting there is no makeup artist, makeup have to do ourselves. Of course, in practice, every girl already knows what makeup she is most to face, but for any of it needs to be brighter than daily. The main thing is not to overdo it. Carefully pick the colors and be careful with the pearl. It often gives the opposite effect.

The simpler, the better

Clothing is also an integral part of any photo session, but the rule “the richer and outrageous the better” is not a successful picture. From experience I can say that in a simple way, when you’re wearing simple jeans and a white top, a photo is much more interesting. Also do not overload the image of accessories. Choose the decoration, in order to attract the eye to a particular part of the body. For example, the pendant would look great with a V— neck t-shirt, and the ring — if you are planning to capture interesting manicure.

Smiling eyes

Most photographers don’t like when models smile. Often they are asked to make spiritual face, and even models with experience difficult to do, but he loves to talk famous American model tyra banks, smile with the eyes! They are a reflection of our soul, if deep inside we smile, and outside we’ll Shine.

Heels make us slimmer

Even if you photo must be in full growth, and, for example, on a belt, do not neglect the heels. They always make the figure slimmer, more graceful posture, and this figure seems skinnier. One main caveat — pick up shoes so that they were comfortable, because if they are you’ll have blisters or are uncomfortable, then a good mood will forget. And this is important for any photo shoot!

Turn on your favorite music

Preferably not slow, although all depends on the subject shooting.
Favorite melodies to create a good working atmosphere, positive atmosphere and great energy! It will help you relax and be yourself.

Toss unnecessary

When the photos are ready and you’re looking at them, definitely a failed send to the trash. So once you weed out unnecessary and will leave the most interesting pictures. Most importantly, carefully peering into the picture. And do not judge at first glance. If you have doubts about a particular image, put it aside and return to it at the end.

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