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Erdogan to blame the Russian volleyball players?

Эрдоган, в чём виноваты российские волейболистки?

 Once again I am convinced that Turkey, like many Western countries, absolutely do not see boundaries between politics and other spheres, like culture or sport. From the top down the chain, from power to simple people, is the momentum of Russophobia, which affects generally not privy to political Affairs of the people.

Эрдоган, в чём виноваты российские волейболистки?

A good example is yesterday’s final match of the Cup of the European Confederation, which was held in Istanbul, where the Russian volleyball players met with the Turkish “Galatasaray”.

Fans of the Istanbul club during the match, behaved quite inappropriately, by throwing at our players from the stands of trash. Distinguished coach of the Turkish team, who defiantly showed his middle finger to the Russian players. Very “sporting”, to say.

Unfortunately, under such pressure, our girls were defeated with the score 3:2, however, I think that’s a good result. It’s hard to play under such pressure, when you throw around garbage and shouting insults. It should pay tribute to Russian athletes for their endurance and patience, despite the shocking behaviour of the opponents.

It is sad that increasingly, the leadership of the West, including Turkish, mixes, as I said, politics and such things as sports. Often we see the attempts to defame the Russian athletes, and in General to awaken a new wave of Russophobic sentiments.

Turkey, of course, is no exception to the rule, because Erdogan is also litter the United States. Wouldn’t be surprised if after the antics of his people he will praise them for attacking our girls.

Yes, it is clear that the Turkish President gave the installation, so he actively provokes our country, in every way derza the Russian leadership. Of course, the sentiment the President supports Turkey and the people.

Here only the Russian volleyball players-then where?

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