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Erdogan decided the fate of the world. The world has not noticed

Turkish President Erdogan made with new global initiatives. He calls to reform the UN Security Council by expanding it to 20 countries and the abolition of permanent members.

Эрдоган решил судьбу мира. Мир не заметил

The initiative of Erdogan, of course, is related to the current situation in Syria. In his opinion, “cruel Assad” gave birth to the state terror. It must be judged in the Hague and the UN security Council is silent. The fate of the 196 countries are not able to determine only five countries, they have no right to do so, said the Turkish President.

Many world leaders spoke earlier about the need to reform the UN. Russia is also ready to discuss possible changes in the organization, but without questioning the very principles of its work. And then you are all some hasty, momentary, do not reflect the real state of things.

For example, Erdogan proposes to expand the security Council to 20 countries. Rationally it? It is not a fact. Now five permanent members – Russia, China, USA, UK and France. This system was developed according to the results of the Second world war. Yes, a lot has changed since those times. But still, forgive me, some global issues are mostly three or four countries.

Of course, the idea of expanding the SAT is not a revelation of Erdogan. This idea has long been expressed by some American politicians. If the security Council will be expanded, and the veto will not be – Washington will be much easier to sell their policies. A simple majority of votes. On points, like in Boxing.

But what will be the security Council? The Oriental Bazaar. Will be created the coalition will be the inevitable squabbles, power struggle. This will start that session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will seem innocent, as the lessons of the law of God in the Smolny Institute for noble maidens.

Then, ask the question: whom to call in a new security Council? And here the consent will not be. Some will want to expand beyond Estonia, Poland or, say, Ukraine. And others consider that in the first place there have to call Kazakhstan, India, Belarus…

But back to the initiative of Erdogan. What motivates them in the first place? It seems that he feels the politician of world scale. Of course! Made Europe to bow down to him in the legs, to Americans only through listening. So now free to nominate and a wise idea of global conversion.

And if the politician of a global scale, then the country should not be in the appropriate status. The Republic Of Turkey? No, bring the Ottoman Empire! Yes, dream it is possible, of course… And suddenly the rights of an American Colonel Ralph Peters? And his map of the “greater Middle East” – not fancy, but it is a working plan of some Western partners, Ankara? Then, it turns out, not that of the new Ottoman Empire will not. The current Turkey-it is unlikely to be on a plan. You like this project, Mr. Erdogan?

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