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Enthusiasts are developing a remake of Battlefront III by Free Radical

Энтузиасты разрабатывают ремейк Battlefront III от Free RadicalThe game will be called Galaxy in Turmoil.

Last year Electronic Arts released a game based on Star wars called Star Wars: Battlefront. Despite the repetitive and dull gameplay, and the lack of a full story campaign, most players love this project.

The developers openly admitted that the game is not designed for those gamers who revisits the original trilogy every few months.

It is not surprising that hardened fans of the game from EA seemed too superficial. A group of enthusiasts founded the Studio Frontwire Studios to release a remake project the Star Wars: Battlefront III by Free Radical, which was revoked about 10 years ago. Extremely ambitious, the game was almost completed, however, to the disappointment of gamers, the British Studio was forced to put an end to the project at the request of LucasArts.

Frontwire Studios is developing its own game called Galaxy in Turmoil based giant cards from Free Radical, where the battle was unfolding simultaneously on the surface of planets and in space. Get acquainted with the process of project development on the site ModDB.

We will remind, earlier in the leaked video, which revealed the details of gameplay Battlefront III. The players were able to see the main characters, locations and more.

To recreate a giant game world cancelled the action, Frontwire Studios will take a huge amount of work. However, this does not guarantee that title the release will take place. Electronic Arts, which owns the rights to create games based on “Star wars” can easily close this project.

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