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Dota 2 has paid back the fashion

В Dota 2 вернули платные модыFor gamers major changes not expected.

Even after the phenomenal failure of the paid mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Valve have left this idea. Only now “taps” approached it more carefully, took into account the dissatisfaction of the community, and instead of someone else’s game picked up its own experimental — Dota 2.

After updating Reborn in Dota 2 is now a powerful tool for creating custom games. Here for them and Valve is introducing a paid subscription Custom Game Pass.

Fortunately, the differences from store mods in Skyrim significant. First, the main modification is always free — you only get small bonuses. Secondly, the subscription is only valid for 30 days, and each mod will have their own Custom Game Pass, which does not apply to other games. Thirdly, the Dota 2 team will manually take away people’s masterpieces for the new system. And fourthly, within 48 hours after purchase you can return the money for a pass, if it does not suit you. And, of course, no charity: Valve takes a standard percentage levied on sales of all games on Steam.

The first mod with its own subscription will be Roshpit Champions. For 1 dollar a month you will receive extra slots for characters, there is an increased stash and a few unique perks (some of them are and all your teammates).

Thus, Valve wants to encourage developers that actively support their works on the basis of Dota 2. In General, for the temporary pass is made: if the mod is on the right track, fans will thank him with money again and again and not only once.

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