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Doctors said that may cause nausea in addition to poisoning

Медики рассказали, что может вызвать тошноту кроме отравленияWhy can vomiting – doctors have called a few unexpected reasons for such a state.

Traditionally, the reasons for the sickness is considered to be overeating, motion sickness, eating disorders, poisoning, excess alcohol, pregnancy, and stress. But, according to doctors, there are other reasons that few people even suspect.


By themselves, the brand multivitamins do not cause nausea. But the time of their admission can provoke discomfort state. You should refrain from taking these medications on an empty stomach is in some cases can cause nausea and even vomiting. Better to drink these pills after eating.

Caffeine withdrawal

All coffee drinkers should know that the sharp rejection of the usual doses of this stimulant can cause the protest of the body, which will manifest itself in the feeling of nausea. It manifests itself so familiar to experts symptom of the syndrome. So, if you decided to jump off caffeine “needle”, it is better to do it slowly, gradually reducing the dose, but in any case not dramatically.


When our body loses moisture, nausea may appear, that is, “out of the blue”. To prevent it, should immediately to drink at least a few SIPS of water at the first sign of nausea, the unpleasant feeling will pass rather quickly.


This is a condition in which the muscles of the bowel are unable to function normally. The reason is nerve damage. This condition causes a chain reaction and the stomach loses the ability to empty itself naturally, and it already causes nausea and vomiting. Unfortunately, this disorder is incurable, but it can be controlled with appropriate diet and group of drugs.


Doctors know that about 40% of diabetics with a disease of the first type and 30% with type II diabetes frequently or less frequently also suffer from gastroparesis – nausea with possible vomiting.


Those who suffer from vertigo or extreme dizziness know nausea and vomiting for them in many cases inevitable. Sometimes it is enough to drive even the children’s carousel to unbalance the vestibular system and cause nausea, followed by vomiting possible.

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From the foregoing it follows that it is impossible to be categorical, calling the alleged cause of the nausea – it can be quite not pregnancy, and the same vertigo or early onset diabetes. A definite answer can only give the doctors after a thorough examination when repeated bouts of nausea.

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