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Do not touch the oligarchs!

Не смейте трогать олигархов!

About Russian oligarchs, I’ll put in a good word.

Poor oligarchs. How all goes. As soon as they call and that only on their poor head is not dropping. Angry people ready to plant each one for the count of torture for what they (the oligarchs) supposedly its (people) robbed, ripped off, swindled and made him (of the people) “suckers”. And I disagree!!!! I stand up and loudly declare:- “do Not touch the oligarchs! They are not to blame! Hands off from honest Russian billionaires!”. Do you think I’m kidding? I guess I thought this “joke”? No, the PEOPLE of the Lord! I quite sincerely and from the heart. Want me to explain? Please.

One on one TV program someone asked the oligarch Prokhorov considers whether it is privatization, in which he amassed his billions fair and he answered without hesitation: “No! I don’t consider a privatization of the 91-year fair, but…but it was legal”. This phrase Prokhorov, whom I, as Communist sympathizers of the Bolsheviks, to put it mildly, detested and hated, just knocked me down and for that I truly and humanly began to respect. He told the TRUTH! As I have come to respect and Abramovich, and Deripaska and Potanin, and even poor Polonsky, who never once beat Lebedev. They are all worthy let not the people’s love, but respect, that’s for sure.

Remember 1991. Crowds of people, crushing everything and its slogans “Down with the Communists! Give democracy!” Everybody now wanted to live the master and to own a piece from the once total pie. Anybody even did not stop the act of seizure from the pockets of each inhabitant of the enormous amounts of savings for years in Soviet savings banks. Under the slogan “enrich yourself, who can” all rushed into the market. With the roar and excitement was passed the famous “voucher”. The crowd rushed to buy over the hill stuff and sell them to his countrymen at speculative prices. Stealing has become the norm and good form. If someone do not steal, do not speculate and not diluted in the middle, its just considered a loser. Came the law on privatization and all rushed to privatize everything, not delving into the meaning of laws. Shaken by the crowd (formerly known as people) have cast such a piece, the crowd almost suffocated with happiness. Everyone was allowed the privatization of state apartments and all ran like dogs with chains on this freebie. But this time smarter and more successful began to privatize not just apartments, and factories, ships, industry, and so on. And all this by law. Because the laws were written for the benefit of the people, by the power selected by the people themselves. And all this for love and harmony.

Time passed and, suddenly, the crowd began to open their eyes and move a few brains that remain in the inflamed skull. Someone saw his neighbor grab more than he. Someone realized that you could to grab even more, if your neighbor just “goof”. And the oligarchs? And these oligarchs were the same from the crowd no more than a once inconspicuous, but smarter and more clever than a simple and dull man in the street and managed to privatize not only their apartment, but your neighbor’s apartment. But, I note, entirely by law. And then, waking up, and the unlucky man in the street, began to beat his shoulders and knees to squeal that he was cheated, robbed, dropped below the cellar. And, in fact, there was no deception and robbery. Everything was legally. And delays in payment of salaries, and trading assets, and issue licenses for shooting unconquered, and… well everything else. So, what do you want from the oligarchs? These guys were the most intelligent of you, most sagacious and the most fortunate ones. Well, did not work for everyone to grab more. And could not happen. In the wolf pack all the wolves. Who is stronger and more resourceful, and more a piece of food. After all, who’s meeting on Marsh? Look closely. It is those who have less, those who want more. Everything is fine. The process goes on. The law allows, but someone needs cars to carry. So, do not touch the oligarchs! They did their job better than you. You can only to envy them and curse their worthless brains. Hands away from oligarchs!

Не смейте трогать олигархов!

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