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Did you get a wife?

А ты заработал на жену?

Report: ordinary woman renders services on 135 366 rubles a month. If it’s without kids!

She knows where to buy the best chicken, and regularly be seen polishing the floors. She does it out of love for you. And how many of this underrated work actually worth? Report: ordinary woman renders services on 135 366 rubles a month. If it’s without kids! Now will show you a detailed calculation and work performed does not fit in often from men sounding formula: “Fairy — 10 thousand a month, that’s the price of women”.


Let’s start with food, which is so not like cooking men. Cook: 30 000 rubles/month. Plus on New year’s day and the birthday of the beloved husband — the big feast. Cook away dinner is about 9 000 rubles for Two feasts a year or 18 000 rubles/year, that is 1500 rubles/month charged for the housewife set the table and chilled vodka.

The housekeeper takes on average 2,000 rubles for departure, +500 per washing and Ironing, she called once a week. Give 10 000 rubles/month the woman you love — clean and cozy apartment. Plus 666 RUB/month — for cleaning Windows, which is not included in a standard cleaning (4 000 per box in a two bedroom apartment twice a year). Op, it turns out, cleanliness in the apartment costs 10 666 rubles/month!

Favorite home the wife is to listen and to comfort her husband: he head — asshole and big projects in mind, it should be Pat on the head and ask him the right questions. The psychotherapist takes an hour, or 2,000 rubles, that is, its minute costs 33 rubles. Suppose beloved husband complains about the hardships of life only after work and only for 20 minutes. That is: 20 (min)*20 (working days in month)*33 (LCY) = 13 200 roubles/month — for intimacy of view, “you listen to me carefully and say that I am the man”, which — alas — the dream of many men.

But a good marriage requires not only spiritual, but also physical closeness. About four hours of physical intimacy in a month — let’s be realistic, it there twice a week, give God a strong man, a half-hour, i.e. an hour of sex per week. Professionals away take about 5,000 rubles for departure on two hours. If you, cynics such as equal, honest housewife to a prostitute, give her 10 000 rubles/month for love.

A housewife is considered to be a woman who does nothing, and so she does: comes up with the design of the apartment, buys her husband a sweater, a meal for the whole family and gifts to his mother, keep the house in working condition — causes plumbers/electricians deals in all documents of the family, planning a vacation, carries the laptop of her husband in for repair… But, since it is involved in all this, not eight hours a day, we will make the price list of services combined personal assistant, designer, shopping-support, house Manager, event Manager and travel agent at a relatively low rate: 70 000 rubles/month.

TOTAL: 135 366 rubles per month. you, whether the world is fair, would have paid for the services for meals, lodging, and flowers on the eighth of March you unselfishly and with all due diligence has a female wife.

Men, don’t become cynical. Do not score in love. This great love saves you more than a million a year.
And I have the price of the wife-mother is not included, there is generally a price tag like this that upload!
Well, think — if you were paid at market rates, would you be able to afford a wife? No.

There would be dirty, hungry, gastritis, terribly dressed, and accosted passers-by with stories:

— You know, my boss is an asshole! Please listen to me! I have money for a shrink not!

And passers-by would have shied away and said, “Oh, look how poor we neumaticos now divorced…”.

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