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Details of the new DLC for Hearthstone

Детали нового DLC к Hearthstone Addition to add to the old gods of Azeroth and their followers.

A few days after publishing the teaser Blizzard has announced a new addition to Hearthstone. It’s called “Awakening of the ancient gods” and will be released this spring in late April or early may.

The addition will offer players 134 new maps, four of whom are gods: Tun K, N ZDR, Yogg-Saron and Y Saraj. Many others have some influence over the existing deck God, for example, increase his characteristics when they are cast. It does not matter, God is already in hand or is still in the deck.

Spread these cards are in sets that are sold for gold or real money. But a few manage to get and for free — at the start of the game after the release of the add-on developers will give each three cards. In addition, when opening the first set of users will receive five cards, as is usually the case, but also the legendary map “K Tun” and two “evil Calling”. Last add K Tong +2/+2 as you cast.

Детали нового DLC к Hearthstone
Детали нового DLC к Hearthstone

Why has the meaning of “pump” lying in the deck map? About all the gods we don’t know yet, but C’thun has the ability to inflict random opponents so much damage, how many units attack it has on the cast. The normal version costs 10 mana and has only 6 units in the attack.

Once again note that the difference between the no pre-orders, so it makes sense to make a purchase from your computer. As a gift the developers will give a unique card back for your collection, which can be seen above.

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