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DEJAVU. “The best in the world” Kudrin reincarnated?

Дежавю. "Лучший в мире" Кудрин реинкарнируется?
Kudrin will be involved in the sorting out of the economic rubble in the country. Unfortunately, the answer to a significant set of issues that the Russians were willing to ask President Putin before his direct line with the people, became known in advance. The answer to this block of questions related primarily to determine WHERE and with whom will continue to move the Russian economy (and, therefore, Russian policy, which, as pointed out by Lenin, only the concentrated essence of Economics) became infamous after it was announced the day before – WHO once again has appointed a chief ideologist of the whole economic policy of the country in the coming years. This is the result of the application against Russia with the most modern weapons – organizational. People, who consider it to serve hostile to us global business can work as dishwashers, janitors, and even the taxi drivers, but not Prime Ministers, not heads of Bank of Russia, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers
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