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Dealers of Honda will bring the new Pilot SUV to Russia

Дилеры Honda привезут новые кроссоверы Pilot в Россию

Selling new eight-crossover Honda Pilot will begin in Russia in late may or early June. The car will be exclusively four-wheel drive. It is equipped with three-liter engine V6 power of 249 horsepower, running on AI-92 and paired with a new 6-speed automatic transmission. In the combined cycle in such a motor, according to the manufacturer, consumes of 10.4 litres per 100 kilometres.

According to the portal Carexpo.ru that refers to people of several dealerships, cars will sell at a price of 2.8-3 million rubles for equipment Lifestyle. It will include leather interior, electric and heated mirrors, heated front seats, light sensors, washer fluid and tyre pressure, rear view camera, cruise control, electronic stability, assistance when lifting, and stabilize the trailer, BMW display and audio system with seven speakers.

In the Executive version will be available with led fog lights, optional touch screen infotainment system Honda Connect, three-zone climate control, heated steering wheel and rear seats, front and rear Parking sensors, rain sensor, automatically zatemnealsea the rear view mirror and the LaneWatch safety system, which transmits the display image of the traffic situation to the right and behind the car.

In the maximum configuration Premium car will get a sunroof, ventilation function for front seats, multimedia system for passengers of the second row. These crossovers are expected to be priced in the range of 3.7-4 million rubles.

The source notes that the new Honda Pilot will be the first vehicles, the importation and the sale of which dealers will carry out independently without participation of the Russian representative office of the company, which, as previously stated, will guarantee the support and supply of spare parts.

Note that currently in Russia are sold only Honda models the CR-V and Crosstour. For all of last year, according to the Association of European businesses, the Russians bought only 91 crossover Pilot. On the official company website provides information about the 29 dealers in 18 cities across the country.

By the way, according to “RG” on January 1, 2015, the Honda Pilot previous version with the engine 3.5 liters cost of 1 829 000 rubles.

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