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Customers of the three banks whose licenses will get to 2.7 billion

Клиенты трех банков, лишившихся лицензии, получат до 2,7 млрд рублей

Today the Central Bank revoked the licenses of 1Банка, National corporate Bank and Bank “St. Catherine”.

The volume of deposits and funds on accounts of individual entrepreneurs (IE) in the National corporate Bank and the Bank 1Банке, “Catherine”, which today the Central Bank revoked the license on March 1, 2016 was reached 3.9 billion rubles. It follows from the statements provided by the regulator. Most of the population and FE was placed in Accordbank — 1.6 billion rubles. In 1Банке the amount of the deposits and of the SP was 1.2 billion roubles, and in Bank “St. Catherine” — 1,1 billion

The insurance payouts to clients of the banks (to 1.4 million) will begin no later than March 31. According to “Izvestia” Director on Bank ratings Agency “Rus-the Rating” Larissa Makarenko, investors and entrepreneurs private banks will receive 2.7 billion roubles. Customers Accordbank — up to 1.1 billion rubles, the Bank “Catherine” to 786,7 million, 1Банка — up to 821 million rubles.

The largest asset on 1 January 2016 455 Accordbank took place in the Russian banking system. The Bank “Catherine” and 1Банк — 498-e and 537 a-e, respectively.

The Central Bank closed Neckarpark (Moscow), since the values of capital adequacy ratio of the Bank fell below 2%, while the total capital below the minimum value set by the controller (300 million rubles).

Accordbank was controlled by the father and the son, Maxim and Gennady Voronin (total to 50.14%).

The Bank “Ekaterina” (Moscow) lost its license for failure of AML / CFT legislation, participation in the questionable conduct of transit operations on withdrawal of capital abroad.

“Bank “Ekaterininsky” conducted high-risk lending policy connected with placement of funds into low-quality assets, said the Central Bank. — Adequate assessment of the risks accepted by the Bank on demand of the Supervisory authority led to the emergence of credit institution basis for implementation of measures on prevention of insolvency (bankruptcy)”.

The Bank supervised eight individuals, including the President, the Chairman of the Board of Directors Paul Goldman (with a share of 11,96%), and the Chairman of the Board, member of the Board of Directors Edward Budziszewski.

The Central Bank revoked the license of 1Банка (North Ossetia), as the inappropriately assessed credit risks taken.

“Proper assessment of credit risk and fair value of assets of the Bank resulted in the Bank’s grounds for implementing measures on preventing the insolvency, the Bank emphasized Russia. — In addition, the Bank failed to comply with the Central Bank introduced restrictions on the exercise of individual transactions”.

1Банк supervised seven individuals plus the minority shareholders with a share of over 40%.

From the beginning of 2016, the Central Bank has revoked the licenses of Bank 21, 2015 — 93.

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