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Court of Canada banned the construction of Northern Gateway pipeline

Суд Канады запретил строительство нефтепровода Northern Gateway

Resolution of the government of Canada issued company Enbridge to build a pipeline Northern Gateway repealed by the Federal court of appeal in the country, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The government of Stephen Harper in 2014 approved the construction of Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, which was to supply not less than 525 thousand barrels of oil per day from the oil Sands area of Alberta to the Pacific coast and from there to Asia, primarily to China, RIA “Novosti”.

As said on Thursday the court, the authorities had not fulfilled legal obligations for consultation regarding the impact of the project on the indigenous inhabitants of the country.

“Canada has not taken the necessary measures for informing and consulting”, – has decided court. The indigenous people of Canada have filed seven separate lawsuits demanding to stop the implementation of the project.

The current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau had previously stated that he opposes the construction of this pipeline because of the potential impact on the nature of the coast of the Pacific ocean. According to the press Secretary of the Prime Minister, the government intends to study the court decision before you decide on further steps.

As stated by Enbridge, the company plans to discuss its plans for the construction of the pipeline with its clients and approximately 30 groups of indigenous people. Last month the company asked the energy regulator of Canada on the renewal of a building permit for three years to settle existing disputes with indigenous residents. The government and Enbridge have 60 days to appeal the decision of the court of appeal in the Supreme court of Canada.

The development of the oil industry in the canadian province of Alberta is constrained by the country’s dependence on the US, which is a major consumer of canadian oil, and the shortage of transport capacity. Canada is the largest supplier of oil to the US in 2015 it has increased its share in the total volume imported in the neighboring country of oil to 43%, or 3.2 million barrels a day. According to analysts IHS Energy, extraction of oil from oil Sands in Canada to 2025 will grow by 42% to 3.4 million barrels per day.

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