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Обратный отсчёт?

In Russia it is supposed to close every fifth Bank.

– During the crisis banks need not be saved, and to enlarge – the Bank of Russia as regulator of the financial-credit system of the country, currently strictly follows this line. She’s voiced by the representatives of the CBR.

The choice in favor of inflation-virtually at any cost, but not emission the financial sector’s support made the Russian monetary authorities long ago, and it seems irrevocably. While no changes in such a strategy is not planned. All the amendments relate only to the real economy – the strategic enterprises and the agricultural sector. Them, all contrary to monetarist dogma, is resolved still to maintain. We can say, under duress. To support, of course, materially, though not directly – through development institutions and various funds.

The banking sector is encouraged to swim on their own. As warned once bankers, now and for inflated credit interest, and for risky policies, and the manipulation of exchange rates and securities will have to answer.

The prospect of a merger or acquisition is shining today dozens or even hundreds of credit institutions and the process begins to resemble an avalanche or a Domino effect. Just take some comfort from the fact that banks generally go under external control only after appropriate competition, and that in itself isn’t fast.

The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina has never hidden his point of view, what banks in Russia too much, and the crisis she seems to have turned out. Now she says that the market will have to go to each fifth of the credit institution. However, Bank analysts have a feeling that “fallen from the nest” will be much greater. In that convince, primarily, the rate at which the Bank of Russia revokes banking license.

But not only that. Somehow sluggish, and too indistinct banks accountable now is not something that, for 2015 as a whole, but even for its first half. As you can see, many have nothing to boast of. And someone hastily brings assets to the side, clearly not counting on the indulgence of the Bank of Russia and the preservation of the license. Because of the Central Bank to many more just haven’t gotten around to.

Whether in such a situation, citizens suffer and grieve for the fate of “native” banks? And for the fate of your own Deposit? It seems that no, since the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) works without a hitch, and means he has to repay the obligations “of each” fifth Bank in General-that should be enough. Moreover, the deposits of citizens is not the main component of banking capital. It is in fact, the liabilities of banks with which we must work to produce profits, that is, including funds for payment of interest on deposits.

If someone can’t cope with that, then revoking the license the Central Bank is perhaps the best way with the point of simple depositors. Their funds immediately should move to another Bank, which will assume the obligations of “bankrupt”. Either themselves or at the direction of the Central Bank. Interestingly, many citizens already went through this, and initially just in a hurry to get the funds that paid the same DIA.

As it turns out, a transfer of funds from the bankrupt Bank to the accounts of other – more sustainable lending institutions, it is not a tragedy. Moreover, the conditions in new banks are often even better than before. Risk at least getting smaller. Statistics of the Agency for Deposit insurance shows that if a few years ago in the case of bankruptcy of a Bank up to 70% of depositors “withdrew money” from their accounts, now there are usually not more than 35-40%.

But in as rapid as now, the “compression” of the banking system, it is very important that “problematic” banks have not passed under the wing let the larger, but no less “problematic structures. Unless of course, we are not talking about bankruptcy or liquidation.

It remains only to note that the government support the exception for the banking sector still made. If the analysis of the CBR shows that the problems of a Bank are mainly caused by objective reasons, among which the fall of the ruble does not in the first place, the readjustment, that is, the restoration of financial stability of credit institutions, are allocated great deal of money. And not necessarily from the “bins” for the Central Bank. The money is only for those who actually already decided to take under my wing state and semi-state banks like VEB and VTB – although formally they are usually sanitized tools on the same parent structures.

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