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Correspondence between Navalny and Browder proves the subversive actions of Navalny in favor of the West

Operation “Quiver”: the secret correspondence of agent Bulk

 Переписка Навального и Браудера доказывает подрывные действия Навального в пользу Запада

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

A sensational material went to the political observer of VGTRK Evgeny Popov. This criminal correspondence with finely plays in the politics of a corrupt recidivist Alexey Navalny with the subjects of great Britain by bill Browder, the founder of Hermitage Capital, who worked at the turn of Millennium in Russia.

In brief, Browder was given the job of Bulk, and that for money and more as an agent the tasks performed. Is nasty, to some extent undermined faith in humanity, but also from the illusions sometimes useful to get rid of.

In such moments I want to say: the world is not as simple as it seems, it is even easier. But then, looking up, realize that ideals is, no one was canceled, and it becomes easier.

Author: Evgeny Popov

How the secret communication channels of the Russian opposition with the United States and Britain, who supervised and what are the main strategic goals of each party? Secret materials now in Moscow due to armed coup in Ukraine and the former head of the security Services Berezovsky Sergei Sokolov.

“It was a place nepugannyh idiots, pardon the expression, which can be placed on the mail server. It is recommended that the curators of the CIA, who led the project. We took out about 60 servers that collected a huge amount of correspondence and documents. And there is absolute evidence of their involvement and their activities, what would now say Bulk, what would be now said Browder,” said Sergei Sokolov.

Among the hundreds of thousands of files — the intelligence reports of the CIA and Secret intelligence service of great Britain, known as MI6.

“23 December 2007. The head of the Secret intelligence service A. belt. The agent of record Solomon about the end of the study the Bulk and the assignment of alias freedom. Had a conversation over an encrypted communication channel between the employee and the CDS (SIS) and agent Solomon. The agent got approval for a confidential cooperation with Alexei Navalny. Bulk it is necessary to arrange financial support to carry out its tasks within the framework of special operations “Shiver” to undermine the existing constitutional order in the Russian Federation. Navalny has a nickname freedom”.

Agent Solomon is William Browder, head of Hermitage Capital, inspirer of the “act Magnitsky” and recognized by the court a fraudster who made millions in Russia 90s. Your nickname for intelligence work, from all reports, Browder received before moving to Moscow.

“Operation Tremor” in English sounds like Quake — to which the secret service drew and Solomon, and Freedom, was developed at Langley in 1986. Documents with a signature stamp “top secret”, signed by then-CIA Director William Casey. On the title page — the main goal of “changing the constitutional and political system in Eastern Europe and the USSR”.

Inside the tasks itemized in detail: changes in the political and constitutional system of States, the achievement of control over financial flows and the extraction of assets from emerging economies, the conduct of events under the code name “the Shivers”.

The USSR destroyed a quarter of a century ago, but “Shiver” is not minimized. Actively mentioned in dispatches and now.

“Browder spreads the lies, and all his company based solely on lies. Navalny is his student and successor of his ideas. They partly work together, work in parallel. They absolutely look in the same direction”, — said Pavel Karpov, former investigator of the Main investigation Department of the Moscow police.

Pavel Karpov is one of those detectives who stirred the hornet’s nest Browder. Revealed schemes of tax evasion and illegal buying up of shares in Russia under the roof of Hermitage Capital. Karpov not familiar with the secret leaks. Same handwriting Browder and Navalny obvious to the detective.

For the Internet-names — will Prince 1 and Free-Diem — William Browder and Alexei Navalny. First contacts with future partners. February 2006. Browder for more than a year banned from entering Russia. Bulk — a young activist of the Moscow branch of the party “Yabloko”.

Browder dissolves into compliments for the Bulk and persuades to do with him “greenmailer” — the so-called corporate blackmail. Bulk long in doubt.

“I very frankly let’s formulate what they want to offer. I will teach you to “hold the eggs” monsters of the Russian economy. Soon you will become a hero of the minority shareholders and can have their reputational capital. Probably, and political. In return I ask you to support me when my problems will come out. Am I clear?” asks Browder Bulk. “Your information in exchange for the loyalty of my potential. However, I’m afraid you put the wrong figure. I even in the party could be in trouble. There I seem to be a nationalist,” — says Bulk.

Nationalism Bulk Browder calls a good investment. After six months of correspondence, the head of Hermitage Capital achieves results.

“Suppose I agreed. What you ought to begin. What is your vision?” asks Browder Bulk. “I have excellent and reliable information about frauds in VTB. This is a great start,” — assured him Browder.

Then the instructions go on and on. You must purchase shares in big companies to pressure them. In the list of Gazprom, VTB, Rosneft, Sberbank, Surgutneftegaz, LUKOIL.

“William, thanks for the advice. But to exercise it fully to me, as you know, there’s something missing,” writes Browder Bulk. It is obvious that it is about money. With them no problems, promises Browder. “You will be contacted by a gentleman by the name Ashurkov,” said Browder. Later banker Vladimir Ashurkov will tell you that began to help Navalny, after reading the entries in his blog. Blogger Navalny really gained momentum. Financed it generously.

“Agent freedom was acquainted with the first phase of the secret activities conviction of corruption and embezzlement of Russian state assets. To implement the first phase of the plan agent freedom funding in the amount of 100 million rubles. The first part of funds in the amount of 7 million rubles will be transferred to our authorised representative of the Moscow Helsinki Group until January 26. Agent A. The Belt”.

By this time Hermitage Capital completely shut down the work in Russia. Folder with the case of non-payment of taxes became thicker. Key staff members went to London to Browder. To clean up the tail was the auditor Sergei Magnitsky.

“People say that Browder’s lawyer. This is an outright lie! He was an accountant, who was engaged in tax evasion at Browder, i.e. registered companies through which the money is withdrawn. I told myself Magnitsky, billions gone were his direct boss, as I later learned, it was Mr. Browder,” recalls the journalist Oleg Lurie.

“Alex, now I need your support. Sergey was arrested. It will be very difficult,” says Browder Bulk. “William, sincerely sorry. In our country like those who are suffering. I’m not saying that the suffering of Sergei — is your trump card, but the more the suffering will know journalists and people, the less they will think about what is happening,” answered Bulk.

Browder tried to achieve the effect deployed in the West and in Russia the campaign in defence of Sergei Magnitsky. He claimed that his lawyer, innocent and in prison — for having opened the scheme of plunder of public money by the security forces. But noise, judging by the report, CIA Director, was not enough.

“20 September 2009. The Director of Central intelligence. A conversation between Solomon agent and employee of MI6. Further growth of the public resonance will be gone, unless we make adjustments to the plans of our ongoing special events. In his message to the agent based on information available for it, noted the deteriorating health of Magnitsky. The agent offered through authorized persons in the penitentiary system of Russia to organize a disruption of some medical assistance to Magnitsky. The deterioration of health will be designated as a medical error that could lead to his death. Please pay special attention to this information”.

November 16, 2009 auditor Sergei Magnitsky died in the hospital of the detention facility “sailor’s silence”. Browder declared that his lawyer was tortured and not provided him with medical care.

“The only person who is extremely interested in the death of Magnitsky, is Browder. He turned to superheat, washed himself, changed the switch from himself to others, actually shut Magnitsky, who began to speak. He began to take Browder. And at that moment he disappeared,” said the political scientist, the leader of the movement “Essence of time” Sergei Kurginyan.

Still in the world there is no court decision where the death of Magnitsky, would be termed murder.

“Mr. Browder demonstrates a fantastic reluctance to go to prove anything in court,” said Alexander Merkuris, lawyer, expert in international law.

However, Browder manages to push the U.S. Congress to “act Magnitsky” — the personal sanctions against persons who, according to Browder, was involved in the death of auditor. In Russia information campaign did Alexei Navalny.

“On January 23, 2010. Sash reports on a meeting with the agent of freedom, during which he gave the agent a 300 thousand dollars for the upcoming program support “the list Magnitsky” in social networks. Also in the report of the agent Sash said that the project associated with the death of Sergei Magnitsky, at an early stage greatly undermined citizens ‘ trust to judicial and law enforcement systems in Russia. This leads to growing chaos in the Russian judicial and law enforcement system, a reduction of its credibility and reduce the credibility of Vladimir Putin. Agent A. The Belt”.

The report contained a list of persons on two sheets, which was proposed to include in the “act of Magnitsky” by Navalny himself. Created on behalf of Browder, the Fund “Union of minority shareholders” in the meantime continued to throw claims the largest Russian campaign, regularly accusing the top management of abuse. From active political activities, the Bulk Browder warned. This is evident from the communications of lawyers Hermitage Capital sent before and during the protests on Bolotnaya square.

“We have our own tasks. Bill asks you to be careful. Urge you not to interfere in the electoral process — it is not your task. Monitoring, reporting — Yes. Protests — no, — stated in the message. — Let us not delve into politics is the next step. Much more interesting and important work with minority assets, which weakens the financial system from the inside. Believe me, financial scandals is much more tangible political”.

Separate large operation Browder and Navalny — an information attack on Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. The Internet is flooded with revelations of allegedly unlawful business sons of the public Prosecutor.

“Please note that were searched in firms Browder in Cyprus, offshore companies. That is, it was the pressure. Here comes the film “the Seagull”, immediately enters information from the Bulk, which, as it turned out, based on nothing, it was nothing”, — said Oleg Lurie.

Shortly before the publication of the film Alexei Navalny called fugitive State Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev. Later he will deny the fact of the conversation. Alexei Navalny on the issues of the VGTRK journalists refused to answer.

In the office of William Browder in London the emergence of Russian journalists causes panic. At the entrance at first politely told that no one was waiting. Then locked all the doors, the Windows fell deaf blinds. The building instantly came the police.

Browder likes the effects. Even the offices were a few hundred meters from bustling Piccadilly square Golden Square. The office of the head of Hermitage Capital — on the third floor with large Windows and views of the quiet Park.

In the past, investment consultant at Browder painting now, his image is hardly the main fighter with corruption in Russia. The fact that William Browder, sentenced in absentia to 9 years in prison, a fraudster who stole taxes by half a billion rubles, in London prefer to close my eyes. This Browder London does not need. The fighter with corruption sounds respectable.

It is noteworthy that the account of Browder and Navalny in Skype, where they started talking in 2006, act now. To reach the subscribers failed.

Text: “News of the week”

Переписка Навального и Браудера доказывает подрывные действия Навального в пользу Запада

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