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Contributions to the business will dramatically increase

Взносы для бизнеса резко увеличат

Small businesses must pay more insurance premiums. The proposal was made by the Ministry of labor.

The Ministry has prepared a bill which proposes to establish the same payment to the Pension Fund, regardless of the annual income of an individual entrepreneur (now businessmen with income above 300 thousand rubles are paid more than those with modest earnings) and increase annually through its multiplying factor. And the contributions for mandatory health insurance, which now does not depend on the income of entrepreneurs, it is proposed to equalize with the medical insurance premiums for unemployed people.

Justify this low level of additional income from sole proprietors with incomes over 300 thousand roubles. In the case of the adoption of the draft additional contributions only to the pension insurance in 2017 will reach $ 1 billion 2018 10.2 billion, and in 2021 due to the maximum multiplying factor reached 53 billion rubles.

This will help to replenish the deficiency of the Russian budget in conditions of low oil prices, but small businesses can go into the shadows, writes RBC. So not everyone in the government likes this idea. Thus, the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, on profile meetings, according to sources, speaks mostly about reducing the burden on small business.

If the idea still approve, businessman, earning money, for example, 500 thousand roubles a year, in 2017 would pay in a Pension Fund is not 21 365 thousand rubles, and 24 714 thousand rubles (on the assumption that the minimum wage will be indexed for inflation in 2016). Contribution to MLA 3 will increase from 797 thousand roubles to 6 thousand 288 rubles.

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