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Composer Alexander Zatsepin will celebrate its 90th anniversary

Композитор Александр Зацепин отмечает 90-летие

March 10, the popular composer, the author more than 300 songs and music for 120 fiction and animated films, people’s artist of Russia Alexander Sergeevich the interesting thing is 90.

In such a ripe old age, the composer not only looks great, but also continues to work, write music, participate in TV programs, give interviews. Now he lives in two cities – Paris, which he left in the early 1980s, and Moscow, where he returned with the beginning of perestroika.

But before these two cities were other. Zatsepin was born and raised in Novosibirsk. In 1945 he was called up for military service and came to Tyumen. By the way, in the army of the future composer became seriously interested in music and mastered several musical instruments. This allowed him not only to be transferred to the Novosibirsk military ensemble, but also to find a job in the local Philharmonic after demobilization.

The next stage in the life of a couple became Alma-ATA, where he was during the Philharmonic tour. In Alma-ATA Zatsepin tried to enter the musical College, but he said directly he shouldn’t be here… because he should immediately enter the Conservatory. Zatsepin tried – and entered.

After graduation in 1956, Alexander worked for a time at the Studio “Kazakhfilm”, here wrote the music for his first film, which was called “Our dear doctor”. For qualitative record of music the composer had to go to Moscow, and eventually he was offered to stay in the capital permanently.

The conquest of Moscow was not quick – at first, Zatsepin could not realize himself. The ascent began with cooperation with Leonid Gaidai, which was entrusted to an unknown composer to write the music for the film “Operation “Y” and other adventures Shurik”. And after that you worked almost non-stop – both for cinema and for music.

A landmark can be called several meetings in the life of a couple. First of all, this is the beginning of the creative Union with Leonid Derbeneva, which began in 1965 and lasted for 30 years until the poet’s death. It can also be noted acquaintance with Alla Pugacheva, which has helped both to become recognised masters in the world of pop music.

Besides the composing activity, Zatsepin was known in Moscow as the owner of a private “apartment” Studio, which was one of the most technically advanced in the USSR. Here were arranged and recorded a great number of future hits for stage and cinema.

We wish Alexander good health and creative longevity. Happy birthday!

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