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Chinese hackers hacked into iOS 10

Китайские хакеры взломали iOS 10The hackers of Pangu managed to jailbreak iOS 10.

Chinese company Taig has boasted on the conference Mobile Security Conference held in Shanghai, the achievements in the development of jailbreak.

The developers showed the Cydia store on the iPhone 6s with iOS 10. Thus, they have denied rumors that the jailbreak is no longer relevant and it is impossible to do.

The hackers of Pangu also reported on the successful hacking of the iOS operating system 9.3.2. They noted that the release of the jailbreak for this OS version will take place in the near future. The timing of the release, developers have not named.

Despite the enormous efforts of Apple to protect their OS from all kinds of hacking, hackers are constantly able to create tools to jailbreak.

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