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China became the largest importer of Russian oil

Китай стал крупнейшим импортером российской нефти

China in 2015 surpassed Germany in volume purchased from Russia of crude oil, thus becoming the largest importer of Russian black gold, reads the monthly report of the International energy Agency (IEA).

“The date of the Maritime transport suggest that China imports more oil on EMBEDDED and at the end of 2015 surpassed Germany to become the largest buyer of oil from Russia,” notes the IEA.

In January, China imported about 60% of the oil that was shipped through Kozmino. In addition, small refineries in the North of the country recently began to import crude oil from Russia by rail.

According to the General administration of customs of China, the country in 2015, imported a record volume of oil due to low prices for oil, its supplies from abroad increased by 8.8% to 334 million tons (6.7 million barrels per day). In December alone, China imported about 33,19 million tons of oil.

On 22 February it was reported that China increased its oil imports from Russia in January by 15% compared with the same month last year – up to 3,368 million tons.

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