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“Children holding hands, the dead with the living”: the details of the tragedy of the Karelian

"Дети держались за руки, погибшие с живыми": детали карельской трагедии

A local resident told me of the heroism of a 12-year-old Julia and the terrible details of the rescue operation.

In social networks 12-year-old Muscovite Julia, which miraculously managed to survive the tragedy on the Syamozero in Karelia (14 people died), to reach the nearby village of qudaamah and to inform local residents about the incident, called the “heroine”. We contacted friends of the family that has welcomed a baby girl. Here are some more details to this story.

— Julia King came to our village at about 10 a.m. June 19, — says Sergey (name changed). The girl was all wet, a life jacket, but kept well — tried not to cry. She said that the day before she was a part of a tour group on two boats canoes and one raft-a raft is caught in a storm on the Syamozero (he started at about 16.30. — Approx. ed.). The whole group of 49 people was directed to the inspection of the uninhabited Islands — and it so happened that the storm caught them somewhere halfway. According to Yulia, the Bank group did the teams back — but it was a no-win situation: they’ve gone too far and has already scooped from the boats water…

— Boats were somehow linked?

— Apparently, the raft was tied and Canoeing they held hands together. The children had life vests — but the girl told me that some they were either great, or bad, tied to them… When one boat capsized and the children overboard, life jackets with many of them simply perivale. Fortunately, Julia was lucky: her vest remained. She tried to help other children, displaying miracles of heroism; one boy literally climbed on top of her head and almost drowned. Together with Julia in the water turned out to be her brother Joe (they’re twins) — girl to the last held his brother’s hand until the waves are not scattered them in different directions…

– She told me how she had the strength to get out of the water? And did she have a life jacket?

– Life vest was not in it. She told me that at some point felt the strength leave her and she goes to the bottom. And then she remembered to pray.

Julia himself began to read the prayer, and emerge from the water. On the surface of swallowed air and that there are forces shouted, appealed only to God. According to her, then as if some invisible force pulled her up and literally pulled ashore. Of course, this may seem fabulous, fantastic story, but the girl is so sincere all told.

Apparently, she was a believer?

– Julia said that her grandmother often went to the Orthodox Church, and taught her to pray. This her faith and saved.

– What happened when she got out of the water?

– Then Julia started to seek the way to the village. Walked aimlessly. And prayed again to himself. While walking along the lake noticed the child in the water. You pulled him. Decided to save. But he was dead.

When she her to walk up to the house of our friend, was shivering through and through. But she was brave, didn’t cry.

Julia also remember details of that she had to endure while her to walk to the living of the item. In one place it on logs decided to cross the river. But I could not resist, fell into the river. She had to swim to shore. According to our friend Julia is a very brave, strong girl. Not every adult could so quickly find.

Is your friends called emergency and reported the incident?

– Yes, they immediately called in the MOE. And then rushed to find the other children. What they saw on the shore, plunged them into shock.

They found a group of children who were washed ashore. The boys were bonded by the hands between them, held tight. Their hands had to disengage. And, as it turned out, the chain was both living and dead.

In the village, which came to Julia, still standing four helicopters of the emergencies Ministry. And when like passed along the information that the rescue operation is over, in fact, the Mchsovtsev still continued to work. My friend around the garden as much as 4 helicopter stood.

– Julia told me about your family?

I think I can talk about it. And I won’t. I can only say one thing – all the children were from very poor families. And Julia, too.

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