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Cher surprised fans appearance

Шер удивила поклонников внешним видомThe singer was caught by paparazzi on the streets of Italy.

Cher went to enjoy a vacation in the small fishing town of Portofino.

The ubiquitous paparazzi captured the actress when she and her friends drank a cocktail at one of the cafes on the Italian Riviera.

For walking singer chose a black t-shirt with a skull on top of which wore a short cardigan, tight leggings and shoes with small heels. Hid cher, under the white wide brim hat and round sunglasses.

The celebrity is in good shape and looks younger. Who would have thought that cher recently turned 70 years old.

Шер удивила поклонников внешним видом
Шер удивила поклонников внешним видом

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