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Fashion and life. Tatiana Abramenko. A little bit about the heels

For any woman shoes is more than shoes. We’ve learned that such clothing gives us confidence. We become slimmer, you receive the posture, the grace. Often the sexual attractiveness of women associated with the height of the studs. I love high heels and I think it is very sexy when visible, a thin(!) ankle. For centuries, the heel did not lose its relevance, and only changed its form. I wanted to trace the history of heels from ancient times to our days.


The first appearance of the heel

The invention of heels women are obliged to Ancient Egypt. Most interestingly, this Shoe was not women, but ordinary farmers, who were not even thinking about the beauty or grace. Heel gave an additional pivot point for movement in loose soil. Further, the similarity of the platform can be seen in Ancient Greece. The actors used the heels to increase their own growth. But most of all, high heels were common in Ancient Japan and Ancient China. Such shoes have replaced swaddling the legs of women to stop the growth of the foot. It was considered that this procedure deprived the girls of confident steps and, consequently, without the support of the stronger sex she had not gotten far.


Europe and heel

In Europe, the fashion for high heels had appeared at the rise of the Renaissance. Its characteristic striving upwards, symbolizing the ascent of man over reality, and gave rise to the popularity of the heel. In those days shoes called chopine and had an unusual shape: sandals on a high platform. The height of the platform reached 60 see Also I want to note that this fashion has touched not only women but also men.

A true legislator of the women’s heel is considered to be France. In the Baroque era French officers wore boots with a small heel, for a better fastening while riding on a horse. But once in Vogue tight knit stockings, the light appeared shoes with a large heel. In a series of constant experiments, the hairpin changed and eventually came to a form which is more familiar to us. It is worth noting that the girl had moved at first with difficulty and relied on a cane. Then came the famous red heel that created the division between the nobility and other estates. In the 17th century Paris became the first city a trendsetter. And shoes with heels called “the Petal of the Lily”. The most popular size of steel studs 12-13 cm because it emphasizes woman’s figure and gives it more grace and elegance.


Classic heel — out time!

At all times high heels were in Vogue, then again forgotten. The French revolution showed that whatever the reason, the old principles still come back. Already in the 70s in France again began to appear on fashion shoes with a heel. It was a real triumph of returning studs that did not go unnoticed by other countries. Alluring symbol of female sexuality has swept each of the fairer sex. Began to appear unusual types of heels: “glass”, “stud”, “wedge heels”, “platform” and more.

Nowadays I see a mix of various styles. Now much depends on the preferences of the girl. Someone wearing sneakers under the dress and it looks great, and someone is anchored in a ten studs, and it also looks stunning and tasteful. I think the main thing here is to find the style that reflects your personality. I confess that I myself prefer the convenience. Often see me in flat shoes. In active rhythm of life difficult to pass the whole day on heels. But if I got out, happy to change the sneakers for heels.


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