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Called main cause of indigestion

Названа главная причина расстройства пищеваренияDoctors have called the most important cause of indigestion.

Almost 90% of women who periodically suffer from problems with digestion. And, according to scientists from Cambridge, the main reason is stress. This is not surprising, because between the brain and gastrointestinal tract there is a direct communication channel.

And even stress can indirectly influence, for example, disrupting sleep and pushing a person to harmful products. Scientists conducted a study and found: over the past year, problems with digestion was observed in 88% of women vs 83% of men. And disorders of the stomach have rarely been caused by intolerance to food or a virus.

30% of people blamed it on stress. Among the culprits was an unbalanced diet (26%) and lack of sleep (17%). Virus infection and alcohol has brought problems in 14% of cases. While in women a lot of stress and anxiety were observed twice as often than men. And social changes partly behind this (now a woman has to work and take home).

Besides, women in principle predisposed to stress disorders and anxiety. They are worried about unpleasant situations, and men don’t keep it to yourself, reacting outward. Of course, we cannot exclude the influence of menstrual cycle on the digestive problems in women and the role of contacts with young children (can carry different bacteria).

45% of those who suffer from digestive issues, used to combat the symptoms natural remedies like ginger tea. Only 34% went to the pharmacy for medicine, which is free to access. But many simply chose to wait it out. 40% did nothing, if they had the bloating, gas, flatulence

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