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Bychkova tennis player said about the widespread use of pharmacology in sport

Теннисистка Бычкова заявила о повсеместном использовании фармакологии в спорте

Russian tennis player Ekaterina Bychkova, 249-I’m a rocket of peace, found a strange mark on history with positive drug test compatriot Maria Sharapova. Also she has admitted to “the Ribbon.ru” that modern sport is impossible without the use of pharmacological agents.

“The situation with Masha very, very strange. I can’t understand how with an athlete of this level, the face of world tennis, could happen something similar? But Sharapova made the right move. It is better to admit than to justify himself in front of everyone at the same time,” said Bychkov, noting that his act, Sharapova has retained some of the fans on his side.

Arguing about blame, Russian tennis player stated that the rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning. “We’re all adults. We have to take responsibility for their actions. It is clear that the athlete relies on his team’s inner circle. But it’s all excuses rather than real justification,” said Bychkova.

According to tennis, today the sport of high achievements impossible without additional pharmacological substances. “This is all fact long ago known. Want achievements, but athletes not in Atlanta or the titans. Without pharmacology anywhere. I never took nothing. Was afraid, and no army of doctors.”

Bychkova also admitted that he does not understand a negative reaction to what happened with Sharapova and now doesn’t know who to watch in the upcoming Games in Rio. “Today I read a lot of comments, but wait, because Maria plays for the national team. When she wins, our, praise, and caught doping, it’s not our unison attack. I have to side with Sharapova. Let’s all “skeletons” from the cabinets to get. Sure enough everyone. Who people-watch at the Olympics? Serena Williams? If it “will survive” to her. Who’s next: Djokovic?”.

The first hearing on the case of Maria Sharapova scheduled for March 23. The meeting will be held in London. On 7 March, the athlete at an emergency press conference in Los Angeles announced a positive doping test. Her body was found Meldonium. This information was confirmed by the international tennis Federation (ITF). Sharapova previously suspended from tournaments since March 12.

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