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Blizzard is preparing an update for Warcraft 3

Blizzard готовит обновление для  Warcraft 3The company decided to update Warcraft after Diablo II.

Earlier this week, Blizzard has released an update for Diablo II – the legendary role-playing game, the release of which took place in 2000.

It was the first update, which was released by the developers over the past five years. Today it became known that “snowstorm” is going to release a patch and for Warcraft 3.

The announcement was made by Robert Bridenbecker at Blizzard Classic Games. According to him the update 1.27 will be released March 15. Unfortunately, no details the developers have not been reported. Perhaps, as in the case of Diablo II, the update will allow the game to run on modern versions of operating systems.

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