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Blackmail the oilers

Шантаж нефтяников

Russian oil companies have put forward their demands to the authorities, demanding not to increase the branch tax. Otherwise, they are threatened by the rise in gasoline prices up to 80 rubles per liter.

Requirements, of course, more like blackmail. All the signs are present. But the problem is, indeed, quite real. Bankrupt power seeking sources of funds to Finance the budget deficit. Anything other than increasing the tax and fiscal overall load, she can offer – Yes, in fact, the more her intelligence and not enough.

Oil industry workers, understanding their significance in comparison with other industries, in this sense, use blackmail deliberately – dubbed them the threat of increasing fuel prices may well in case your implementation simply bring down the entire economy. About the social implications at all there is no speech – where you can expect complete darkness.

It is clear that blackmail, like any trade, starts from the highest possible requirements and numbers. In the end the parties will still come to some kind of compromise. But what is happening is very symptomatic: the government doesn’t have any ideas on exit has created a man-made disaster. To refer to the President as to the arbitrator no special meaning – he contributes a hefty share of their solutions in the common Fund problems. The collapse of the foreign policy of supplements falling into the abyss of internal policy.

While the TV saves – the level of nonsense in it rolls over, but as the electorate is gagging but eats. However, the situation looks very straightforward in the direction of its movement.

Hopes rise of oil prices has ceased to be heard from the mouths of our officials. Infinitely to lie still does not work. In addition, there are objective preconditions to cease to hope for such a benevolent outcome. A talk about the shale companies problems and challenges of Saudi Arabia (referred to by our leaders and experts in their forecasts for a speedy reversal of the situation) quietly accumulated enormous stocks already purchased by consumers of oil. To date, only OECD countries have accumulated more than 3 billion barrels of oil, but global stocks reach 4 billion. While daily oil consumption is about 100 million barrels, more than monthly global crude oil reserves – in the former story, it seems, was not yet. It is hanging over the market, preventing its balancing. For this reason talk about, stopped or not ten or even a hundred rigs in the States, do not play almost any role – even reducing the balance of demand and oil production to zero (still looks fantastic), you will need to remove at least half of the accumulated reserves of two billion barrels – it’s very, well, very much.

Therefore, the rise in oil prices in the required to our talent range from 50 dollars and above to say don’t have fundamental reasons not. Bursts possible (why not), but only just. This means that the only way for Russia to urgently start not just structural, and systemic reform. And one of the economy here already do not work, since crash is moving the entire system of power and governance, economy, politics, social and financial.

However, to demand reforms from the current as useless as the wait is tomorrow the oil price 200. They are not capable of such activities. Either intellectually or ideologically. Even if you do not take into consideration purely selfish considerations. Therefore, the fiscal burden on people and the economy will grow, will be privatized more and more new assets – in General, what is called the decumulation of stocks. All that will be withdrawn in the budget, will be wasted trite – and on current needs and just – in anywhere. Like the megasurvey of the world Cup. Any reforms these people are going, yeah they are about them and not stuttering.

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