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Based Fallout may receive the film

По мотивам Fallout может появиться фильмBethesda is considering a film adaptation of the game.

Fallout Director Todd Howard stated that in the recent past, rejected several proposals about the shooting of the film based on Fallout. However, management continues to seriously ponder on porting the post-apocalyptic RPG.

According to the head of the commercial service Pete Hines, last year the company received several serious offers for the film adaptation of Fallout and Elder Scrolls. They were all rejected.

“We should be very careful – a bad film can cause irreparable damage to the game,” said Hines.

Todd Howard said: “Over the last 10 years I have read several scenarios that could be to make a film. Unfortunately, none of the authors have not managed to catch me. I never thought, “This film could be as good as the game.” However, all things are possible”.

Also, says Howard, the film could have a negative impact on the sales of the game: “the fact that after the release of the film based on the draft freedom of developers will be limited. The audience will expect that the Studio will make the game all the ideas born of the Director of the film. Therefore, most likely, they will be disappointed by the new project, which will inevitably hurt sales”.

Fans do not worry – sooner or later the movie will still be filmed. Howard promised that if there was a suitable scenario, Bethesda will do everything possible so that the authors have reproduced exactly the original RPG atmosphere.

It should be noted that in the Board of Directors of the company there are people not familiar with the intricacies of filmmaking: it is a television and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Chairman of the CBS Corporation Leslie Munves and former MGM CEO Harry Sloan. Perhaps this explains the reluctance of Bethesda to hurry up with the filming of the picture based on the game.

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