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Base on the moon. It’s now or never

База на Луне. Сейчас или никогда

The concept of space development of Russia until 2030 envisages the construction of inhabited lunar base. In this regard, the state Corporation “Roscosmos” continues to consider a number of key projects relating to the lunar program. One of them is a deployment project moon base “Moon seven”.

At the moment the space program is focused on the development of orbital stations, and in this sense, the establishment of a base on the moon will be the next intermediate step before the flight to Mars.

The developer of the project “seven Moon” is a Corporation “Lin Industrial”. The company proposed construction concept, both the base and transport system necessary for the implementation of the project.

База на Луне. Сейчас или никогда

In the five-year program 37 starts of the rocket “Angara A5” booster units and modules for landing on the moon in the South pole area. At the first stage it is planned to create a lunar base for two people with the change of crew every 12 months.

The company explains the need for early construction of a lunar base that all large States, anyway, are planning to develop a satellite of our planet, and the real places for the construction of a lunar base not so much. Despite the size of the moon, the most suitable for “life” places are concentrated at the poles of the companion, as they almost always illuminated by the sun. The use of solar energy will ease the issues of energy production and thermoregulation.

Such a location eliminates the problems associated with heating and storage of energy in the long term. And at the poles in craters, as scientists have found, discovered deposits of ice, i.e. water can be extracted in place and use it for natural purposes, including for producing oxygen, necessary for respiration. In addition of hydrogen with oxygen you can create rocket fuel. In other words, the fuel and oxygen can be made directly on the moon that dramatically simplifies the delivery of goods from Earth.

In the media there have been a lot of information on the development of space programs of the leading States that they are in varying degrees, are in the process of planning or clarification. In addition to Russia, the views of the moon are China, Europe and the USA. Also, some private corporations are willing to take up development of the nearest natural satellite. For “warm” places on the moon will undoubtedly be fierce competition, and if not to start work now, then it might be too late, according to representatives “Lin Industrial”.

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