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“AvtoVAZ” remains without the General Director

The issue of “Vesta” and disfigured in comparison with his concept of a hatchback as X-ray could not understand the sale of “AVTOVAZ” to a new level — not even the Russians are ready to buy the products of the domestic auto industry, at a price comparable to higher quality foreign cars. In fact, the performance of the plant is very low — he is mired in debt, and for this reason, before the end of this month, he will remain without a leader.

Boo Anderson will be officially dismissed from the post of head of “AVTOVAZ”. The Swede come out of his office, most likely immediately after the holidays, 9 or 10 March, because it is not managed to deduce factory from crisis. As it became known, already in 2015 the debts of the plant was 74 billion roubles, and this year they have probably already grown back. According to Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostec, “AVTOVAZ” needs a new head, but it is still unknown who will be put in this position. And yet, Bo Andersson did a lot for the uplift of “AVTOVAZ” with the knees, while at the helm he stood only in 2014.

However, the decision to release is very expensive for the Russian automotive sedan was erroneous — “Vesta” are sold not just bad but very bad, because are like “Solaris”, but the quality with them can not compare. Again, given the lack of roads in Russia, it would be nice to see a modern SUV, not nedorezova “X-ray”, but “AVTOVAZ” has long been stubbornly churning out the old “Niva” and “Chevy Niva”. And this despite the fact that our plant has long been a partner of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which could share technologies implemented in the same “Duster”.

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