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Tragedy, the rise and replacement part

Трагедия, взлет и замена состава

Key corporate trends of the week

In every person’s life there are black and white stripes. Corporations do the same thing. Now amid economic crisis Russian enterprises are experiencing hard times. However, there are exceptions. “Ribbon.ru” according to the tradition, analysed the main trends of the corporate work week from 29 February to 4 March to find out to whom in Russia to live well.

Victims of methane

In an event at the end of February of the accident at the Severnaya mine killed 36 people. The events in Vorkuta are still in the center of public attention. According to the latest reports, emergency mine belonging to the company “Vorkutaugol”, will flood. The only way to stop the fire and explosions. This decision was made by the technical Council for the elimination of consequences of the accident.

“The company is ready to start work tomorrow, the necessary equipment and materials, all depends on the legal point — until the court decides on the recognition of the 26 miners dead, to carry out such work it is impossible”, — said the employee of the press service of “Vorkutaugol” Hariken. According to him, the company plans some time after the flooding to pump water and raise the dead bodies. After that will be raised for the restoration of the mine.

Previously considered the possibility of extinguishing the fire by pumping in the mine with inert nitrogen gas. However, this option refused: to pull people into the ground for the construction of bridges is impossible due to the ongoing explosions of methane.

After the first explosion on 25 February at the mine occurred six more explosions. The situation around the “North” supervises personally the President of Russia Vladimir Putin demanded from the Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision (Rostekhnadzor) to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident causes and make practical conclusions.

Трагедия, взлет и замена состава

Photo: Vladimir Yurlov / TASS

Vorkuta. February 26, 2016. At the Severnaya mine, where mining has been a dynamic kick. Mountain strike called homodynamics phenomenon, which occurs due to the displacement of underground reservoirs. At the time of the accident under the ground were 110 people.

Of course, without the consequences of the tragedy at the mine “Severnaya” will not remain. Unfortunately, this is not the first case of death of the miners underground. Only in the last few years there were victims on mine “Raspadskaya”, “anniversary”, “Ulyanovsk”. One reason is the explosion of methane. Although, for example, mine “Ulyanovsk” was considered the most modern, equipped with the latest technology. Something must be done, otherwise the tragedy could be repeated. While Rostechnadzor inspects all mines in Vorkuta.

First among equals

The first of March, Forbes magazine presented the gift to all fans to count money in someone else’s pocket, published its traditional rating of the richest people in the world. And if the global list it was more or less traditionally, the Russian part was a surprise — the richest Russian is recognized as the co-owner of “NOVATEK” and “SIBUR” Leonid Michelson. His condition has increased over the year by 2.7 billion dollars, was estimated at 14.4 billion. Co-owner of Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin offset from the pedestal. In the world ranking of the rich Michelson is located on the 60th line.

Only global ranking of billionaires Forbes entered 77 Russians — for 11 people less than last year. The second place among them belongs to Michael Friedman with the state $ 13.3 billion (63rd place in the global ranking). The third — Alisher Usmanov with 12.5 billion dollars (73rd in the world). Potanin’s only the fourth position (78th place in the world). His fortune fell by 3.3 billion, to $ 12.1 billion. Well, fifth place went to Gennady Timchenko (11.4 billion, global rank is 85).

Трагедия, взлет и замена состава

Leonid Mikhelson

Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

The Forbes report compiled on the basis of open data, very clearly demonstrates what the industry is now in favor. Victory Michelson once again confirms the thesis that the gas is everything. But the main assets the runner-up Mikhail Fridman concentrated in banking, telecommunications sectors, as well as in retail. So these industries, followed by hydrocarbons, can be called the most promising in the Russian economy. Which is not true about metals mining, which is experiencing not the best times.

In the global rating Forbes first places went to the representatives of high-tech industries and the production focused on the B2C market. The leader continues to be Microsoft founder bill gates, whose fortune, however, decreased by four billion to 75 billion dollars.

Followed by the Spanish billionaire, the founder of Inditex (the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti) Amancio Ortega from 64.5 billion dollars (added 500 million). Famous American investor Warren Buffett has retained the third position. The condition of the 85-year-old businessman was estimated at 60.8 billion, an increase of nearly 12 billion less than last year. Fourth and fifth places in the Mexican Carlos slim al (50 billion dollars a year poorer on 27 billion) and the founder Amazon.com Jeff Bezos (45.2 billion, gained 10.4 billion). The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has moved up ten positions, sitting on the sixth line with the state of 44.6 billion dollars.

Accordingly, we can conclude that manufacturers of raw materials left behind. They rule those who make complex products.

Togliatti detective

Serious passions have inflamed on the flagship of the Russian automobile industry — “AVTOVAZ”. In the media rumors about the possible resignation of the current President of the company Bo Andersson. There was a rumor that a new President can appoint a protege of Renault-Nissan. To change the enterprise management system, created specifically for interaction with public authorities a new position. And the new President will be accountable to who took the post supervisor, who oversees social issues — this scheme has been agreed by the main shareholders of the company.

4 March, the head of Rosteh Sergey Chemezov confirmed that the dismissal of Bo Andersson will take place in the near future. “Now we need a new man. That’s all,” said Chemezov. According to him, the decision will be taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors, which will take place in March. The Renault-Nissan Alliance, said the head of Rostec, agreed with the decision to change the President of “AVTOVAZ”.

Earlier Sergey Chemezov spoke about the fact that does not approve of social and personnel policy of the present head of “AVTOVAZ”. According to him, should act more delicately. Mass reduction of jobs (from 54 thousand to 35 thousand people), initiated by Swedish top Manager, has caused public outrage and made a lot of noise in the media.

In the case of the company doesn’t do well. Published in February of 2016 financial report for last year records a record loss of 73.8 billion roubles. In addition, the plant had not fulfilled a number of conditions of credit agreements with banks, including the coefficients of financial leverage, the EBITDA size, profitability and liquidity. In the end, Ernst & Young questioned the ability of the automotive group to continue as a going concern.

Трагедия, взлет и замена состава

Photo: Andrew Hills / TASS

President of JSC “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson (center) during the launching ceremony of the car Lada Xray in serial production at the plant “AVTOVAZ”.

Bo Andersson was appointed President of “AVTOVAZ” in 2014. It was marked by significant changes at the plant: corporate fleet of expensive cars was sold out, began a campaign for cleanliness on the production, reduced the number of managers and subsidiaries. The new President managed to implement the company quality standards of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and run with a series of a number of new products — Lada Vesta, X-Ray, Kalina Cross, Lada 4×4 Urban.

Nevertheless, since February 15, AVTOVAZ was forced to move to four-day working week. According to the Ministry of industry and technologies of Samara region, the plant can reduce its output by 12.9 per cent compared with last year.

The overall situation does not add optimism — performance car market decreased for the fourth consecutive year. According to forecasts of the Association of European businesses (AEB), in 2016 sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will be reduced by another four percent, to 1.53 million units. For 2015 sales fell by a third, to 1.6 million units.

Representatives of foreign manufacturers are moving towards higher prices. So, in late February and early March, a number of automakers have again adjusted the cost of its products in Russia. The growth of prices was recorded in Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Chery, Citroen, Lexus, Lifan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Toyota. And those who not only sells but also produces cars in Russia, are forced to reduce production volumes and, consequently, the employment of staff. In particular, on 29 February, the plant of Nissan in St.-Petersburg has moved to single-shift work is durmannogo. Apparently, in the foreseeable future this trend will continue.

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