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Army games 2016: the preparations are in full swing

Армейские игры-2016: подготовка идет полным ходом

After the successful first International army games in 2015, the Russian defense Ministry has started development of the program “Army games 2016” and the International military-technical forum “Army-2016”. More than 800 people have already applied for participation in these events.

Last year in the “Army games” was attended by 43 teams – more than 1.3 thousand participants and 16 teams from 16 countries representing Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The whole selection process took place on the territory of three Russian military sites. In 2016 it is planned to conduct two competitions abroad – in the territory of Kazakhstan.

According to the results of the first International army games, the winner was Russian Federation, the second place was won by China, and the third for Belarus. And this is not surprising, because the team our team has become much more time to devote to training and military training.

“Competitions contributed to the dissemination of best practices of training soldiers, improving their combat skills and the development of competition in the course of combat training”, — said the chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces army General Valery Gerasimov.

After the introduction of outsourcing in the Russian army, free time for improvement in the military the soldiers have become so much more. The soldiers ceased to devote time to cleaning and cooking now food became engaged a cook, and cleaning – cleaning company. Due to the professional approach to cooking, the menu at soldiers has changed significantly – introduced the buffet, which has formed a more balanced diet of the military personnel.

Innovations and reforms in the structure of the Russian army in recent years has created good conditions for new recruits. Besides the fact that lifetime was cut in half, military training became more professional and more productive. Now soldiers take part in international competitions of military training, where they show their skills, taking a leading position.

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