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ARK: Survival Evolved can be removed from Steam

ARK: Survival Evolved могут убрать из SteamARK: Survival Evolved may disappear from sale.

ARK: Survival Evolved — the most fashionable and successful “vyzhivastik” with dinosaurs at the moment. Strictly speaking, the game is not released yet, because the Studio makes her a Wildcard to the condition forces early access on Steam and on the Xbox One. Only now appeared likely that the competition from Trendy Entertainment will forcibly cover the ARK through the judgment.

Trendy Entertainment is the Creator of Dungeon Defenders. Company representatives believe that one of the former staff designer Jeremy Stiglitz (Jeremy Stieglitz) — violated his contract, secretly worked for the makers of the ARK: Survival Evolved but still leaked corporate secrets. In addition, Jeremy allegedly incited workers to go to Trendy Studio Wildcard.

In General, Studio Wildcard does not hide that the long-talked with Stiglitz, but says that it was just an innocent advice. So one of the main stumbling blocks in the claim — how much attention is actually paid Jeremy ARK: Survival Evolved? Trendy alleges that weird, since the wife of the Stiglitz — Stiglitz, Susan (Susan Stieglitz) is recorded under her maiden name as one of the founders of Studio Wildcard. Trendy believes that this is clearly a deceptive maneuver, because Susan is not really an engineer and not a game designer, but doing a completely different business selling cupcakes.

If the evidence seems convincing, ARK: Survival Evolved may disappear from sale until the case gets a final verdict. The hearing will be held on April 27.

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