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Apremont: Give chromebar reconstruction!

So, the deputies in anticipation of new elections, is ripe and a new idea. For the old “Khrushchev” buildings should be replaced repaired at the reconstruction at the expense of means of private investors.

The idea at first glance, looks very attractive. The house is built on a new attic floor, is to replace the entire municipal infrastructure , strengthening the Foundation, insulated facades. Funds to the investor for reconstruction to be returned after selling them new attached apartments. The owners of old apartments are exempt from voluntary – compulsory contribution for capital repairs, and become the owners of a new, updated common property of the house. So dreams come true.

And here now is to talk about the little things that sometimes really make the life miserable. Just say that you are not a supporter of such reconstructions.

First, the old, the worn communication connected DSL can’t always stretch power increase of consumption of public resources by 20%. Especially if redevelopment gets several such buildings, such housing array, establishing pumps in the house will not always be saved.

Secondly, consider such reconstruction as a type of infill development. Don’t know how in other cities, but in Tomsk neighborhoods, built-up old buildings, cramped. Another 20% of cars will need somewhere to Park, and 20% of mothers will be looking for a place for walks with the baby.

Third, at the time, was calculating the break even point for the content of MCD. In budget feasible prices for the population it dangles at the level of 55-60 apartments in the house and available the size of payments for housing services, really can be in MCD number of apartments of 80 units and more. Therefore, reconstruction will not bring about reduction of the size of payments due to the emergence of new areas, although it is the investors promise to owners

In General, this reconstruction assumes a temporary effect, after 10 years this home will require major repairs (and where it will get), but it will cost considerably more expensive. On older structures, even strengthened, would place an additional load in the whole upper floor.

In Tomsk the experience of such a reconstruction is, the famous mnogokvartirnym at the address:the Komsomol prospect,71. After reconstruction it was the house – window, it showed all over Russia.


This was khrusheva


 Хапремонт: Даешь хрущебам реконструкцию!


Turn into a modern beautiful house

 Хапремонт: Даешь хрущебам реконструкцию!


 Evaluation the residents of the house ( watch the video and read the article) roof Leaks, regularly flush basement, and energy efficient technology does not save people money. So sound problem tenants for the Komsomol, 71.

 (Watch video and read article)


It is not difficult to find fault, but to live with these problems people will have. It happens, not always from shit get to make candy.

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