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Antagonism dummies

Антагонизм чайников

Due to the difficult political situation in the world,the consequence of which, we have to be a lower quality of life, I began to think about cutting costs.

But as life has shown, buy the pasta for 30 rubles instead of pasta for 45 rubles is not much saves the family budget. Decided to go another way. Instead of saving on food, I decided to save on the use of items which are designed to make ease of use and a fair share of laziness, in turn devouring resources in huge quantities. Began to observe, with what, how and how often are family members, and what measure of understanding embedded in these actions.

So, a bit of source material:we have a one – Bedroom apartment has a size of 53.1 square meters, three family members of different ages and an electric kettle with a capacity of 2000W.

How is heating the kettle up to the working temperature…. Looking up from the tablet, the youngest member of the family flies in the kitchen, clicking the button on the kettle and with a sense of accomplishment again immersed in the vastness of the Internet. After half an hour, when the thought of the maker returns to light child’s head, the water is pretty cold. Next, you already know what happens from experience. And this procedure can be repeated three,four times. Let’s put a pin*. Moving on.

Proceed to the beautiful half of humanity. In his quest to feed and water the whole family, even when nobody wants that, happiness takes a kettle and fills it to the maximum possible level (sometimes even a bit more), and the water is boiled for future use! What with the kettle to pour just one glass, does not occur. Put a check mark*. Never think that the next capatilist, in consequence of his forgetfulness and concern about the evolution of social.networks can have few times now boil a full kettle (which we already mentioned).

The next factor is naturpack.

A master class in quick cooking just about anything,for example dumplings:

Take a kettle, boil water, fill the dumplings and cook for five minutes. All our dumplings are ready, as much as 10 minutes early. Put a check mark*.

But the representative of a strong half of mankind, a reasonable question arises: “what the hell stump I installed throughout the apartment energy-saving light sources(which as you know are not cheap),and why would we pay for the gas?” And power consumption not only decreases, but sometimes increases…..nonsense?! On the basis of these reflections, I decided to conduct an experiment whose results have shocked me!

Further pure mathematics.

I went to the store,bought a kettle with a whistle for gas stoves for 1050 rubles. Electric kettle away in the cupboard. As a starting point the beginning of the experiment, took the day of payment of utilities. Here I must say that the average consumption of homo sapiens in the number three man of energy, in the space of two-bedroom apartments with an area of 53.1 square meters ranged from 180 to 250 kW. Will translate into money on the basis of the average value in 210кВт. The tariff is 06.03.2016 3,88 p/kWh

210 x 3,88 = 814.80 R.

Clearing the readings in exactly one month, to say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement! SEVENTY-TWO kW!!! And it’s not the difference IS JUST!

Consider further:

72 x 3,88 = 279,36

210 – 72 = 138 kWh DIFFERENCE

814,80 – 279,36 = 535,44 R. – CLEAR SAVINGS

In total, we have: US MAKER PAYS FOR itself in TWO MONTHS!

And then we save five hundred roubles a month only on the kettle.

With that I’m afraid to imagine what will happen if you hide in a cupboard the microwave))

For myself, I have already decided that the electric kettle will not return, even when the situation would again improve (that it will happen no doubt). Resources you need to save! Here is such a funny math.

Thank you for your attention!

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