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Altruists have more sex – researchers

Альтруисты чаще занимаются сексом, - ученыеAltruism positively affects the intimate life of people.

Scientists from Canada conducted a study that proved that altruism affects sex life.

Experts interviewed 800 volunteers. The questionnaire was structured in such a way that they are allowed to learn not only General data, but also to understand the personal characteristics of people who participated in the study.

It turned out that altruists more sexual partners. According to scientists, people who easily share their belongings, are more likely to change sexual partners.

According to experts, altruism is more useful for men. If this rule is acted in ancient times, then the men-the hunters, the chances of offspring was greater than in those who did not get food and didn’t share its prey with the tribe.

The study also proved, the researchers note that some people are genetically prone to altruism. And they continue to share everything with others, despite the fact that their generosity can benefit.

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