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Alleged killer in the pilot of the su-24 was arrested for possession of weapons

Предполагаемый убийца пилота Су-24 задержан за хранение оружия

A citizen of Turkey, çelik Alparslan will stand trial for the violation of the arms act and not on charges of involvement in the death of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov. On Friday, April 1, according to TASS with reference to Turkish media.

In this March 31, the newspaper Hurriyet Daily News wrote that, according to a source in law enforcement bodies, Celik was wanted by police on charges of fraud and making counterfeit money.

At the time of detention, Celik and another 14 detained persons were seized a Kalashnikov, two pistols and ammunition.

Çelik was detained on 30 March in one of the restaurants in the Turkish city of Izmir. Law enforcement officers arrived at the school because of incoming reports that there are armed men.

In December 2015, the Russian foreign Ministry demanded from the Turkish authorities to take “immediate measures to apprehend the Celik and his companions and bring them to trial for the murder of a Russian pilot”. In addition, according to Russia, Turkey should apologize for downed Russian bomber and to pay him compensation. A month earlier in a network there was video with Celik on which he stated that he along with accomplices opened fire on Peshkov.

Çelik — Turkish citizen, the son of a functionary of the Party of the nationalist movement and an active member of its armed youth wing organization “Grey wolves”.

24 November 2015 Turkish military aircraft shot down a Russian su-24, involved in anti-terrorist operations in Syria. Peshkov and co-driver Konstantin Murakhtin ejected. Murakhtin managed to escape, and Peshkov was shot from the ground by fighters, when he was in the air.

In Ankara, meanwhile, claim that the plane was attacked after he violated the country’s airspace. Turkish authorities say that the pilot was allegedly made 10 warnings.

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