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After the disaster

После катастрофы

About the work of Director Yury Bykov

As if in a post-apocalyptic reality action movies by the Russian Director Yury Bykov. Like and life goes on and people survived. But can we call this life, and people by people, is a big question.

Actually, this question is a major one in the pictures Bykov. And even about whether there is a way out of this situation, is there any hope for the transformation of the world? How to survive in the world of crime, overwhelming corruption, bureaucratic indifference and police brutality? And she will have to live somehow.

In between car chases and gunfights are looking for answers to these and other questions of being the heroes of the film “to Live”. The three pursuers chase through the woods and fields of his former friend, turned over to the celebration of life and sentenced by the rulers of this life to eradicating. In this Stripping unwittingly becomes involved simple hunter Michael, again inevitably became conductor of the cornered. The heroes are running to survive. Forest and field, across rivers and ravines.

Deadbeat “the fighter” Andrew is essentially no better than their persecutors. Professes the same animal morality, and they are: you’re young, strong, healthy, means you have everything and more. But the thing is that everything and more he wants not just. And here it turns out that all the money did not earn, and your life – penny. And the owner of life you suddenly become a pariah. And I want simply to save his own skin.

Power and money are the main purpose of life and the pursuers and the pursued. “What am I, nuts at the factory to turn?” – it defines his motivation Andrew. In a different life, and thought he their yesterday’s friends and today’s enemies would not hesitate for a minute when deciding to kill or not to kill? Yes and save his life, Andrew is ready to strangle the dog, and the innocent get shot. And even more so, his pursuer.

“We are devils, not people” – openly declares one of them and kills easily tucked under the arm of a random old man from a post-apocalyptic villages destroyed and deserted. And in fact, God on these dimensions is not that no, he is not supposed even. And exists only in the soul’s simple and good Michael – the representative of that, “diademas” reality.

But during the developments, the ratio of good and evil in the world (and the world in this case is the setting of the movie, no other world, just no) changes. And Andrew becomes a little more humane, and to the detriment of their interests, despite the possibility to save his life and leave, saves the life of Michael. But the logic of survival and alters the Mikhail, who suddenly tired of playing some obscure role in other people’s squabbles. And when it come to now about his life, he crosses a moral line that separated the surrounding non-humans from humans. And with this burden he will have to live now…

And this confirms a simple truth, expressed by Andrew while escaping through the fields: “we are All maggots, if I want to live”. Unfortunately, confirmed.

The problem of moral choice decides the hero of another film Bykov “Major” Sergei Sobolev. The Deputy chief of the police Department in some town near Ryazan, awakened early this morning by a call from the hospital, gets in the car and going to his wife. But on the way to the light event in my life stands a monstrous crime committed by the major, – exceeding the speed, he knocks down seven-year-old to death near a bus stop somewhere outside the city.

It would seem that Sobolev is the main embodiment of evil, and there is no excuse. But it turned out that the system it is part of, where outrageous and bezchelovechno. It generates new crimes and sheds new blood.

Sobolev not secretly leaving the scene (although it could) and not very willing to agree to hush up the case. But nevertheless, in the first few minutes makes the choice in favor of the skins, not the truth.

The Deputy chief of the police Department in the dock, accused of committing a traffic accident that resulted in death, is considered an emergency. And not even a regional scale, but at least regional. And therefore, arriving at the head of the district police, Sobolev and his companion Krachunov receive clear orders: any court should not be, the case to be suppressed by any means. In the course are threats and assault, and the mother of the deceased child admits itself culpable. But light escapes the anger and hatred, and tragedy on the road generates a series of crimes committed by representatives of the system and its desperate opponents.

In the end Sobolev, knowing that it was because of him that the blood already spilled too much, with weapons in their hands against their. Trying to prevent new blood and a new crime. But does not prevent, but only increases them.

Sobolev’s main opponent in the film is his now former comrade Krachunov. To that end a consistent and faithful system. But that’s what makes him a monster, instead of Sobolev spaces, in the soul which left the human and who is ready to do his time, if only to stop the escalation of violence and bloodshed. For Krachunov not now, no friends, no moral barriers. There is only the desire to survive.

Evil begets evil, and the system remains intact and strong, eventually gained victory and ready for new challenges single-heroes, and heroes, of course, can not be named.

The Creator does not spare even the mother of the deceased child. And in response to her: “you’re all bastards” can hear a quiet but steady COP: “If your husband was hit by someone, you would him to the police station, dragged?”

The monster turns out to be not so major, how many the established system of ideas about permissible and forbidden. It turns out that in the struggle for survival are all permitted. And here is a direct link with the previous film Bykov.

Bykov’s film is not about the abuse of power. Though the Director deliberately exaggerated, he does it, apparently, in order to better Express the problem of moral choice that faced the major. The flesh of his system, he raises against it your doomed to defeat the rebellion. Goes to his far from “Holy” and not so “right”, but bloody battle. And that’s precisely why, despite all besprovodnoy shown situation, the protest of the mayor seems to be some ray of hope that people will again become a people, and the moral power of man will survive in the struggle with the system. Someday in the bright future…

Lone hero appears in the controversial and successful film Bykov “Fool”. A dormitory for 800 people just about ready to collapse. But the only person that really cares is a simple plumber Dmitry Nikitin, accidentally discovered a crack in the house. Don’t care about this communal. Don’t care it’s the residents themselves, most of which turned from people into cattle. Don’t care and the city government, and she knows nothing.

To authorities and attempting to reach Dmitriy, by fair means or foul got on the “reception” of the woman mayor of Galaganova celebrating his birthday in the company of their friends. Shocked by the news, which after inspections on site to confirm the fire chief of the city Matyugin and main kommunalshchik Fedotov, Galaganova takes-was the decision to evacuate the residents. But its “grey Eminence” Bogachev convinces that the time to evacuate will fail and it will be only a big scandal, after which is not something that behinds from their homes will have to tear off, but heads will roll.

The only way for city officials to pretend that no one knew anything. And how much will stand the frat house, God knows. As in “Major”, the system dictates the rules people. And so far as these people are in authority, then their choice is obvious, and the methods they would use up any hard. Because at stake is again the survival.

Life gives Dimitri a chance to survive by fleeing the city. But at the last moment he refuses to use it. And decides that saving his own life by actually killing more than eight hundred residents of my Dorm room – too expensive price. Contrary to the logic of survival, he makes a desperate act to rescue people. But it turns out the residents and be saved-we don’t want to. Against this background, Dmitry really looks like a fool. Although perhaps this is a modern Ivan the fool, committing a noble deed, because you don’t want to live in a hut on the edge. He sincerely wants to help those who help requests and not even seemingly doesn’t deserve it.

Protest “the fool” is also doomed to failure, as the protest of “major”. Can’t he change his act, neither the people nor the society nor the authorities. But the problem of moral choice “fool” decides definitely. “Don’t you see that we live like pigs and die like pigs just because we are nobody”, he says to his wife before going to their individual rescue operations. And in this it differs from the previous characters, Bykov is still not understood themselves.

Don’t know, whether the Director or not, but the hostel, ready at any moment to collapse, is perceived as the image of today’s Russia. It by and large already don’t care and the authorities, and, unfortunately, a huge number of its people, too, despite all the newfangled Patriotic fervor in recent years. And those who are trying to prevent a catastrophe and to reach the government, are entered in the category of “fools”.

Only here who will have to live on the ruins and restore the ruined building after the disaster? Only the “fools” who today do not give a damn.


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