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“Aeroflot” will pay the tourist from Perm disrupted vacation

"Аэрофлот" оплатит туристке из Перми сорванный отпуск

“Aeroflot” will pay the resident Perm more than 150 thousand rubles for the spoiled vacation. About it reports a press-service of the Perm regional court.

In October 2015, the woman booked a tour to Dominican Republic with departure from Moscow. The fare she paid in full. For the flight from Perm to the capital of the tourist bought the ticket “Aeroflot”.

However when the woman arrived at the airport, it refused to register and to put on the Board without giving reasons. Another flight to Moscow went only the next day. In the end, the Permian missed the plane flying to the Dominican Republic, and could not take advantage of the paid tour.

Initially, the traveler asked the carrier to voluntarily pay damages, but the company refused to do so. The woman then appealed to the court.

In the end the decision was rendered in favor of the plaintiff. The court asked the airline to pay damages of more than $ 98.5 thousand rubles moral damages in the amount of three thousand rubles and to pay a fine of 50.7 thousand rubles for refusing to voluntarily cover the cost of the client.

In may, Indian airline SpiceJet was fined 15 thousand dollars for the fact that in 2012 she refused to carry the human rights activist J. Ghosh. The judge of the Supreme court accused the carrier of discrimination due to the fact that the airline was not allowed to Board his plane suffering from cerebral palsy woman.

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