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About how girlfriend went to the hospital

On Saturday evening called best friend and said that her poisoning in infektsionku taken. Asked her to bring the necessary things, so as to gather she did not have time. I had a set of keys, so on Sunday morning I was at her. The chamber was not allowed, but things (Slippers, towels and other necessary pieces) to pass allowed. Said to visit can only be from Tuesday.

О том, как подруга попала в больницу

Unfortunately, yesterday was too much work, and in the evening was a big meeting, so was able to come to her today. Took some food, but totally in vain. Products have to consume the most, for it is impossible, as in the hospital patients in the infectious even the most ordinary things to bring. But sorry…

In principle, the hospital looked quite civilized, the staff is adequate and polite, but… Diet and the quality of the food, your W Masha, worse than in the most vivid post-apocalyptic paintings. Sveta says that in 3 days almost did not eat anything, because the aroma and the visual state of “food” – is a quiet horror.

The weird thing is that as hospitals see: no particular problems with the budget. The question then is, what is stopping them to organize the work of the nutrition unit?

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