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“A woman without a lover is as a reference without printing”

"Женщина без любовника — как справка без печати"

Natalia Krachkovsky on comedic roles, curvaceous and love to life

Madame gritsatsuyeva from “the Twelve chairs” by Leonid Gaidai, Uliana Andreevna from “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, a spectacular Conchita from “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” — her account was more than a hundred movie roles, she was called “Queen of the comic episode”. Natalia Krachkovsky was not only the jovial actress of Russian cinema, but also a very cheerful person. “Ribbon.ru” recalled the most vivid of her statements.

About the relationship

I always liked men and I do not hide it. I had a fan who called me “100 kg of dream”.

Men have one ability: they are very able to sit on the neck. Much better than women.

A woman without a lover is as a reference without printing.

The main thing for me has always been family.

When my colleagues say “I’m an actress, the family means nothing to me”, you know — lying.

My husband was so soft, quiet. For example, if you started the scandal, he was often silent, and I was indignant, but when my pride took place, he turned to me and said, “Well, dinner will be?”

I had a wonderful husband. We lived together for 26 years. (…) After his death and I hadn’t even thought to get married again.

About Hobbies

I have two Hobbies: I love to cook and knit.

My grandmother was very fond of Russian cuisine and taught me how to cook. And the other grandmother showed me Georgian cuisine.

I am very offended if all don’t eat. So I try to eat, and if anything is left over — come the next day.

"Женщина без любовника — как справка без печати"

Natalia Krachkovsky

Photo: Igor Gnevashev / RIA Novosti

I remembered my first cigarette “News,” were such — without a filter, in blue packs. Cost eighteen cents, and smoked them all in a row. And that was very hungry… Then, of course, Yes — developed a bad habit. But at first — hunger. Hunger was the root cause. “News” — thing fusion, appetite beat for half a day.

I loved to play cards, and sometimes stayed up late at night. The husband asked: “And the Breakfast cooked?” Answer: “Cooked! Sleep!”

I once won $ 800. And immediately went out and bought Slippers. And everything else we missed.

About modern technology

Annoy me modern tablets, I need a normal book, with the rustle and smell of the pages. It calms me down.

I bought my first computer, but when I realized that I would play at night, then called her grandson and asked him to pick up. My communication with equipment over.

On the nature

If someone believes that he has depression, need to give in the ass once and it will pass.

I am sometimes stubborn, but gentle. I either accept the person or not. I guess I just, friendly person and not a total loss.

I’m strong, but stiffness, which would help me in my life, I have not. I’m actually weak and vulnerable… All of my external power only on the surface.

I’m alive — to live life, not making mistakes, not possible. I sometimes think, Lord, if you would to change something, I would have done differently. I had one terrible mistake in his personal life, for which I dearly paid.

Pardon my frankness, I do not sleep with whomever you need, and with someone I like. I am very independent and strong woman, I do everything myself. Even the movies play without a stunt.

I don’t bite. And if they start to bite me, then I’m sorry, can you just swallow and the man is no!

On the exterior

Men all life was drawn to curvy women, like me, is physiology. Because this woman has something in his hands to hold. Thin hangers longer in Vogue.

It was “my” completeness is I, in spite of it’s wonderful to move, dance, and sixty years could easily do the splits.

Mother had prepared me correctly, she immediately said Juliet to play me no-one will ever offer. “Natasha, they just won’t find Romeo, to dare to stand under the balcony, on which will be released this Juliet.”

(About the film “the Twelve chairs”) gave Me the script, I started reading and… I was scared. A lady of immense dimensions with watermelon Breasts — what is it?! Insult! Full of righteous anger go to her husband, and he laughs: “You in the mirror saw?”

When we finished shooting, “the Twelve chairs” by Leonid Gaidai and said, “Natalia Leonidovna, not morochte his head. Katerina you don’t play, people laughing will die on the phrase: “Why do not people fly?”

It is desirable to make the hint of a waist, even if you have no hot water.

"Женщина без любовника — как справка без печати"

Natalia Krachkovsky

Photo: Flame / Kommersant

In the movies we can’t make even a beautiful body — male or female.

I don’t like if woman is breast two pimple.

I’m a great actress!

On the work

I was surprised to find that talking about my grizazueva the same scale, as, for example, about “Anna on the neck” of Alla Larionova. I will never forget how things are at the Studio up the stairs, and again wins. Suddenly appeared in front of me on his knees and says, “You’re a treasure! I am fascinated!” I blushed and wanted to run away.

I do not at all invited, I will explain and film Director, and screenwriter, I think.

Talking money I run when I’m happy. But if I offer a penny, I quietly put the script and say goodbye. Because I even in a small episode, wasting my heart. I have a lot of it, but there is a limit.

I was given to understand that I used material that the modern generation.

Live old. Watching TV. “In the animal world” and “Ancient history”. Sometimes knit. But what is do is review their old pictures. Nostalgia beats, heart aches…

Without false modesty I will tell: Yes, I’m a good actress!

I will never forget how at the same festival as a young film Director (don’t remember his last name) my eyes went to his colleague, pointing at me, loudly asked: “Who is this?”. And he said, “are You sick?” After that, I walked up to him and say: “Young man, my name is Natalia Leonidovna. Name — Description”. He: “Yes, I heard something”. I could not resist: “You just heard something, I’m a legend of Russian cinema. You didn’t know about it?” He was covered in spots, was to apologize… But I’m fine with. I have played and done so much that I can leave quietly, I will still remember.

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