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A Shiver Popova. The funniest bloopers from the film about Navalny “Russia”

Дрожь Попова. Самые забавные ляпы из фильма о Навальном на "России"

Yesterday, the infamous anchorman of TV channel “Russia” Dmitry Kiselev presented in the “news of the Week” plot “Operation Shudder”, instantly became a hit on the Russian Internet. This story – fragment of the movie Evgenia Popova (the whole film promise to show Wednesday), in which he tries to expose Alexei Navalny and William Browder.

Reaction to the film, however, was not quite the same, which, obviously, counted the authors – as a result of not discussing “Bulk agent”, as the authors that brought viewers a lot of funny moments. The Insider causes the most vivid and funny bloopers from mockumentary.

Evgeny Popov spekes Frome hiz HART

Of course, the most amusing element of the film Popova steel copies of the various “papers” American and British intelligence, from which it appears that the spies did not know the native language. They don’t just make mistakes, they write the language of Vitaly Mutko, which is not always the first time even you can understand.

Here’s one example:

To begin, we note that “developing countries” is still developing, not developed (as listed in this “document”), but what does the phrase “Within events held under the general code name “THE QUAKE” — is not clear, there is neither subject nor predicate, but the authors of the film believe that English should read “activities under the code name “the Shivers”. And because it is difficult to attribute all of this to the fact that the filmmakers just used the automatic robot translator, such as google.translate, because the robot knows the difference between developed countries from developing countries.

In this fragment spies not only making a thousand grammatical errors , but over and over again, nothing that made any sense: “All Magnitsky’s current government controlled media have taken an active defensive position backed by Russian law enforcement agencies”. That would generally mean this phrase is unclear, because the authors don’t offer us their version of the translation.

Here is another informative excerpt:

The British love to laugh at the fact that the Russians did not know how to use the articles — we have something in the language they are not. But still, even after the first year of learning English schoolchildren remember that before names of articles are not put.

We will not bore readers with other examples of grammatical errors, too many to mention all. What’s more interesting is how this could prevent Yevgeny Popov, who has long worked in the USA and was even the head of new York Bureau. Conclusion from this we can draw only one: the real author of this movie is not it.

Three and a half cheater

We should praise the filmmakers for choosing commentators. In addition to the regular speaker channels Sergey Kurginyan with a great experience (at the time he was singing Hosanna even Gorbachev, and then Yeltsin), the authors have found three more characters, each of which in their time were accused of fraud: the person involved in business Magnitsky Pavel Karpov (the film which became an Internet hit), and imprisoned for fraud Pro-Kremlin blogger Oleg Lurie, and a favorite commentator Kremlin media Alexander Merkuris, which represent the “Greek politician”, “the British expert in international law”, although in reality he is a former British lawyer, deprived of the lawyer status for fraud.

Radio Popova

Another fun episode of the film were a telephone conversation between Navalny and the Deputy Ilya Ponomarev. The film presents an audio record, for some reason very Sizzling, apparently for authenticity (well, maybe the viewers believe that skype should sizzle like an old phone). One problem — the voice in the recording not just similar, but not even remotely resemble the voice of Ilya Ponomarev and Bulk. This is all the more silly because of this same footage the filmmakers show how they try to get a comment from Navalny and Ponomarev, and in the frame you can hear their real voice. By the way, the filmmakers did not even bother to come up with a version of how they got the recording of the conversation in skype but the rest is already small quibble.

Agents from the Internet

Little funny detail is the names of the agents. For example, the alleged document of 2009, which discuss the deteriorating health of Sergei Magnitsky. He signed V. Plame:

Indeed, the Plum Valerie was a CIA agent, though she left after the scandal in 2006, when no case of Magnitsky was not yet in sight. Why the authors used this name? Just used the first caught after a Google search of the phrase “CIA agent”? Another document signed with the name “Martin flint,” and the name “agent” is also mentioned in the old press, however rather as the name of the cover. Do the authors of the film don’t have enough imagination to fictional names, why to search for them on the Internet?

Agents, by the way, in this movie — very strange. Their secret documents they store on the mailbox servers in the Ukraine. Why is no one in the film doesn’t explain, just tells the story (and not someone else, but a former bodyguard of Berezovsky — such a person will not lie!), that the CIA and MI-6 decided to keep their communications on the Ukrainian servers, and then after an “armed coup” in Ukraine, these servers were moved to Russia (presumably, they were located in Crimea or somewhere near Lugansk).

Will be curious to know, do fix something in this film to the environment — for example, grammatical errors in documents. Some bloopers channel fixed immediately, for example, in the first version of the story was an obvious mistake with the date, but it was soon fixed.

The editors of the Insider thanks the editorial staff of TV channel “Russia” and all the authors of the film for the pleasure.

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