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A court in London has frozen the assets of former owners of the Bank “trust”

Суд в Лондоне заморозил активы бывших владельцев банка "Траст"

In the process of rehabilitation of Public joint stock company “national Bank “trust” recently filed in London’s High court claim against its former owners — Ilya Uravu, Nikolai Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev, and their spouses. The Bank managed to achieve the freezing of assets of defendants for the sum of 830 million dollars, writes “Kommersant”.

“The decision to freeze the assets of former shareholders “Trust” confirms that the court considers reasonable consideration of their personal responsibility for the loans that were granted by the Bank to companies controlled by them, as well as for the situation in which “trust” was in December 2014 and which has led to the need for its financial rehabilitation”, — said the publication Director of the special projects unit of the Bank “trust” Nikolay Mylnikov.

The Bank suspects the former owners in granting loans for the sum about 900 million dollars under their control to offshore companies. According to the publication, the loans appeared on your personal Bank accounts or were reinvested in real estate in Moscow.

Part of the accounts frozen in Switzerland at the request of prosecutors, who are investigating a case of fraud and money laundering. The difference between the amount of loans and amount of the claim due to the presence of a number of liens and the potential for recovery of some debts.

Also in late January, the English court has blocked the sale of the real estate portfolio in Moscow, controlled through third parties former owners of the Bank. According to sources of Kommersant, the deal signed on non-market conditions, was assumed to be cashing in real estate assets and the withdrawal of the funds received.

The claim of the Bank trust against the former owners in the English court — precedent for the Russian banking market, the newspaper writes. So far prosecutions abroad by banks-Senatorov against the former owners of rehabilitated banks was not. Partly the new owners of “Trust” went the way of the Agency for Deposit insurance, which had previously developed and successfully implemented in London loud the proceedings against the beneficiary of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev.

Choose the former shareholders of “Trust”, according to a friend with their position of the source, the prosecution is not recognized, considering really associated with him only three companies with a total debt to the Bank about 8 billion rubles, half of which debt is serviced”.

At the end of December 2014, the Central Bank decided to sanitize the “TRUST” with the help of the Agency for Deposit insurance and Bank rehabilitation was chosen as the Bank “Financial Corporation OTKRITIE”, part of “Discovery holding”. By the end of 2014, the TRUST incurred a loss of 18.8 billion rubles. Volume of population’s deposits in the Bank for December 2014 reached nearly 140 billion rubles. The whole procedure of rehabilitation evaluated by the controller 127 billion rubles.

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