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5 essential attributes of a stylish traveler

In anticipation of my trip, I started thinking about the clothes and accessories you need to take with you on the go. I confess that before I always chose something practical and comfortable.

This time I decided that I would look at the journey stylish and beautiful. With these thoughts I went shopping before the trip.




It is clear that it is the most necessary thing for those who gathered in the road. I have looked at a lot of instances, but my choice stopped on the suitcase of accessories of the Italian brand Piquadro. Designers have developed a special device which will protect the owners from loss and theft of baggage. The innovative development was named Connequ. Fancy suitcases and bags was given a special gadget that using the smartphone sounds an alarm if you move too far.

The device works at a distance up to 40 meters, battery will last for six months. Connequ compatible with smartphones based on iOs. Available in a choice of a wide range of colors, from olive “camouflage” to the blue “electric” and the classic palette: black, gray and cherry. So this suitcase will impress any fashionable traveler.



Despite the fact that the weather pleases us with the sun, we should not forget that things can change quickly. I always take a jacket or sweater. For myself, I chose a jacket from the new collection of the brand Diego M the summer season, which is again devoted to the theme “on the road”. The key model of the collection summer 2016 is a jacket-parks of different colors. Each model surprises with its forms and combinations. This is a new look at already, it would seem that the usual, casual dress. Complement the outerwear collection delicate colors: cream present in romantic ultralight jackets, female fans are more restrained in scale of the image you will find the shades of gray and blue jackets in the summer.



One of the main attributes a comfortable journey, is shoes. I turned my attention to the collection of sneakers Shine Baby Shine brand Pinko. Bright sneakers, decorated with sequins and rhinestones, created a furor among the capital’s fashionistas. They just do not look like sneakers, but as a work of art.



We used to travel to wear jeans or sweatpants. Alternatives: soft pants-pipes from the summer collection Patrizia Pepe, made of cotton. Due to the direct cut, drainpipe trousers perfectly slim silhouette, visually pulling it.


Crossbody bag

What can be more convenient bags crossbody?! This model is unique in its versatility. Thanks to the shoulder strap, keep your hands absolutely free. While it is possible to put all the most necessary and important items that should always be at hand: passport, money, cards, cell phone, etc.

An indispensable companion for traveling I found in the new collection Metropolise brand Furla. Exclusive leather, a special process handling and meticulous approach to detail allow Marche Furla to introduce a new and modern look of affordable luxury. Bags are available in many different variations of all colors of the rainbow. And, of course, a special gift designers has become a capsule collection with a limited edition of just 100 copies. The inspiration for it was the Red square, which was embodied in the red FOB is pumpone. But the main attraction was the image of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

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